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Why does shopping make you happy?  Find out what the science says - Metro World News Brasil

Why does shopping make you happy? Find out what the science says – Metro World News Brasil

Who has not decided to go shopping to de-stress or even feel happy? This is not a movie thing and science has finally succeeded in explaining how the feeling of pleasure is related to shopping. According to the site enormousthe term used for the sensation was created by Americans and can be translated as “shopping therapyIt feels good to buy something to feel better or as a form of celebration and entitlement.

This is caused by the release of dopamine in the brain, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and satisfaction. Data obtained by the site shows that 52% of Americans say they buy to improve their mood.

study done by Northwestern University Show that after going through a stressful or humiliating experience, consumers actually tend to spend more. People also spend when they feel that a bad situation is approaching. However, there is a problem with making this “excuse” a compulsive habit.

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What is the limit?

Experts give you tips to try to control yourself and suggest inner questions:

Who controls the time of purchase?

Factors intervene at the time of purchase, such as advertising. It is important that you are certain of your decisions.

Other factors are:

  • Anxiety and difficulty in resisting buying something you don’t need: If the purchase causes you some kind of anxiety, make sure that it is really useful;
  • Excessive shopping time: If you spend a lot of time thinking and reviewing the item you need to buy and make it Hobbyit is also necessary to change the strategy;
  • Financial hardship due to lack of control: “Finally, what should be clear: If you spend more on these redundant purchases than you can afford, there is an obvious problem there. If you feel you can’t stop shopping, it’s time to seek help.
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