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Why is GTA 6 not at The Game Awards 2023?

Why is GTA 6 not at The Game Awards 2023?

GTA 6 was announced in early December and did not appear at The Game Awards

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Hey Game Awards 2023 (TGA) will take place on Thursday (7) and will reward many games in the industry, including the most anticipated game for next year. However, why Grand Theft Auto VI Not competing in the 2023 award category?

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Game Rock star It is, arguably, the most anticipated in recent years. No wonder the GTA VI trailer spread without any difficulty last Tuesday (4), when it was released by the production company – sooner than expected, due to leaks of the final video.

However, when The Game Awards, an event considered the “Oscars of Gaming”, announced the nominees for each of its categories, GTA VI was not officially announced. Therefore, the game was not able to compete for awards, even though it is actually one of the games with huge “hype”.

It’s worth noting that yes, everyone knew GTA VI would eventually happen. However, the game has not received a trailer, release date, teaser or anything like that. Until the beginning of last December, what revolved around the Rockstar game were just rumors, nothing concrete. Therefore, if there were no official advertising criteria to compete in this category, then, in theory, GTA VI could have been present at the Game Awards since 2014.

The thing that reinforces this standard is the presence The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom Tears In the 2021 awards. The game competed without even revealing an official name, it was known only as “Sequel to Breath of the WildHowever, a teaser for the game has already been shown, making Tears of the Kingdom eligible to appear among the most anticipated games at that year’s awards.

Learn about the games competing for the Most Anticipated Game of 2023 award:

  • Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
  • Hades II
  • Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth
  • Star Wars Outlaws
  • Tekken 8

Game Awards: Most Anticipated Games of 2024Game Awards: Most Anticipated Games of 2024

Where to watch The Game Awards 2023

Hey The game is on It will be broadcast to cover the main events of The Game Awards. The program will begin at 9pm, for a warm-up before the official awards ceremony which begins at 9:30pm. Initially, the TGA is scheduled to last until 1am on Friday (8).

You can follow the TGA 2023 broadcast on Game On here on the Terra portal, and also on our pages on Facebook, Twitch, Tik Tok that it Youtube. The broadcast will be led by Bárbara Gutierrez, accompanied by Pablo Miyazawa, Rawafela and Igor Oliveira, commenting on all the details of the most exciting prize in the world of gaming.

The event has many awards for all tastes and gaming categories, but the most sought-after award is Game of the Year, which has already won titles such as Elden Ring, Control, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and others.

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