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Why is today Friday?

Why is today Friday?

We are entering the month of August and the state does not want to know anything else. War doesn’t matter, COVID doesn’t matter, Old Universe doesn’t matter, inflation doesn’t matter, fuel prices don’t matter…. Meanwhile, Maria, turn on the TV and the ball will start. The rest, we’ll see when we get back from vacation. In this sense, the Portuguese are stopping the world. calm!

Speaking of calm… Today we have some summer photos that will make your numb spine shiver. Here’s the advice!

look at the pictures

Inside the ZIP file there are more than 100 great photos (for men with thick beards and people of good mood), here is an invitation to download and view all of the photos.

And because today is Friday 758 [22MB]


Jokes with humor

The son, already thinking about the future, says to his father:
- Dad, when I grow up I want to be a make-up artist.
Father says:
- You will not be a make-up artist, this is a gay profession.
For a month, then the son thinks a lot and says to his father:
- Dad, I want to become a hairdresser.
- No, son, this is a gay profession.
Six months later he said to his father again:
- Dad, I have decided that I want to become a dancer.
- No, my son, this is a gay profession.
Moral: I'm 30 now, I'm gay and don't know how to do shit.

Two friends at the clinic door:
So here? What did you come here to do?
I came to take a pregnancy test!
Oh seriously? What a dry!! Do you have many questions?
The friend rolls her eyes.
So what about you, what did you come here to do?
I came to get some vaccinations!
Look... at the clinic!

Husband watching TV reluctantly between a channel with a frank love scene
And another channel has an important football game.
I didn't want to miss a little bit of both and switch from one channel to the other,
In a frantic setting off, he is unable to make up his mind. Asking for advice from the woman:
- Daughter, which one do you think I should see?
The woman's response:
- You already know how to play football, so why not choose the other?

A man was in bed with his amazing new girlfriend.
After they had hot sex,
She spent a long time stroking his testicles.
Something she seemed to enjoy a lot.
Curiously asked:
- Why do you like to hug my testicles so much?
And her sweet, soft voice answered her:
Greetings from...
Completely mute...

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When you go on the road and see this...

Americans are a very special people...and there is every one!!!

If you don't believe in aliens, you should meet these types

The world has people who are really on fire with ideas

Nature is amazing

Wise people leave the audience in a state of ecstasy

Mario Ferreira is the first Portuguese to go into space

The Iranian temple received a real blow

Thief returns smartphone after victim appeals 'I'm paying'

Unbelievable picture... Unbelievable

Ca p... lucky. This is born again

Pictures that went viral

Costina tells the story of the wheel and makes people cry (watched the video 5 times)

A police helicopter tries to prevent drug packets from being stolen from a speedboat stuck on the beach

Even the dog surrendered in an operation against drug smuggling

The cat makes friends with the animals he had in the veterinary clinic

There are images of war that will remain forever

One of the best this year so far

And deception, do you like it?

For those who like hand drawing...

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