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Why lack of talent?  Salary expectations, say 42% of recruits

Why lack of talent? Salary expectations, say 42% of recruits

IT/Technology remains the most difficult to hire, followed by managers and recent graduates, says study by Michael Page

Almost half of recruiters (42%) consider an increase in salary expectations to be the main reason for the lack of talent in their field of activity, while 30% indicate the lack of a profile of job candidates. The vast majority (72.9%) admit that hiring IT/Tech profiles is more difficult than it was 24 months ago, data from Michael Page’s ‘Talent Scarcity in Portugal’ study shows.

“When we look at the recruitment process, and at the time of full recruitment for some areas of work like the one we’re going through, it’s important to align expectations on both sides of the decision. On the candidate’s side, it’s important to have a framework and clarity of their expectations, not only in terms of the project but also from Where is the company, salary expectations and what are they looking for in a new company,” says Filipa Silva, associate principal at Michael Page, quoted in a statement.

“On the part of the companies that will be employed, it is very important to align their expectations with market conditions and reality. Many times companies are looking for the ideal candidate, who does not exist, with a large salary gap compared to market reality. In order to align expectations, it is the role of resources It is important to assist line managers and managers and manage expectations, which will fundamentally lead to managing time and resources from the start,” he states.

And what does Michael Page’s survey of 150 recruiters reveal? When hiring, the main hurdle is the salary expectations of candidates compared to previous years (42.67%); followed by the candidate’s inappropriate selfie (30%); Candidates not applying for the vacancies offered (12.67%); Candidates do not seem to fit with the company culture (9.33%); or candidates do not want to change jobs (1.33%).

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More than a third of respondents (36%) consider that the sector of activity in question has not lost its attractiveness over the past 24 months, with 32% acknowledging that it has lost a little and 22.6% that nothing has changed. “Only 9.33% agree with the question and claim that their sector has become less desirable, which indicates that the employment market is still very active for all sectors,” points out Michael Page.

Despite significant tech staff cuts – which in some cases have also affected the local market – the IT/Technology sector continues to be the most difficult profile to hire, with 72.9% of recruiters admitting that recruiting these profiles is more complex than they are. It was 24 months ago. Principals (49.32%) and recent graduates (43.24%) complete the Top 3.