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Why Mbappé target was verified despite his offside

Why Mbappé target was verified despite his offside

This Sunday, in the final of the League of Nations, Kylian Mbop signed France’s winning goal against Spain. If the PSG striker was offside at the start, it was Eric Garcia’s gesture that convinced the VAR.

Some will no doubt talk about Didier Deschamps’ glorious fortune. In any case there is undoubtedly part of the explanation for the goal of the French team’s victory against Spain this Sunday, the League of Nations (2-1). The Blues owe their coronation to Kylian Mbappé in the 80th minute. However, the PSG striker was offside at the start of the action.

Kylian Mbappé in an offside position at the start of the process
Kylian Mbappé © Screenshot M6 in an offsite position at the beginning of the process

A clear offside. The extended control over the operation of the VAR was surprising. Central referee Anthony Taylor finally confirmed the goal. It was a few minutes later that Didier Deschamps was going to deliver a trophy to the men.

Kylian Mbappé's goal during Eric Garcia's France-Spain
Goal action by Kylian Mbappé during Eric Garcia France-Spain K screenshot M6

The point of contention is about the intervention of Eric Garcia. Spanish defender Theo Hernandez touches the ball in his intervention to intercept the pass, deep into the embankment. It remains to be seen whether this will be a voluntary intervention on the part of the Barசாa player.

“Deliberate redemption” rule

What does the regulation say? “A player in an offside position, including a hand or arm, deliberately gets the ball played by an opponent and cannot gain any advantage from his position unless it is deliberately saved by an opponent. A ‘saving’ is in any part of the body (his or her own) Except for the goalkeeper) which includes interfering or attempting to intercept the ball going towards the goal.Repair) If the FIFA (Board of the International Football Association) reconsider this action, it does not seem unreasonable to assume that Garcia is in this situation.

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Busquets provides referee explanations

“We went behind the line and Mbappé was offside. The referee told us that Eric Garcia was trying to play the ball, but he tried to cut the line like any central defender does,” Sergio says. Fit. So Garcia is playing a game, deliberately playing the ball, so the referee would have assumed that he was not in a “recovery” situation as the rules say. He would have decided that Mbappé would not interfere in Garcia’s playing.

“Yes, I touch the ball, the referee tells me, since I played the ball, I played Mbappé again. He told me not to touch the ball. This rule is difficult for us.

Alfonso Perez Parrul, Adviser to the Spanish Daily Mark, Disagree. “Mbappé interferes with the game and is offside, even when the Spanish defense touches the ball.”

This argument is based on the Iff regulatory point regarding offside: “When a player returns from an offside position or is in an offside position the opponent’s path is interrupted and interferes with the opponent’s movement towards the ball, which is considered an offside offense by an opponent playing the ball or competing; If it hinders the opponent’s progress (for example if he stops the opponent), the violation must be allowed in accordance with Rule 12.

“Injustice. Point.”

Referee Eduardo Ituralde, adviser to the Cadena SER in Spain, argues that this argument is invalid, that Mbabane will not interfere with Garcia’s action, and that the latter may well “destroy the ball, let it pass or Mbab will not interfere”. .

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Conte's hand against Spain
Conte’s hand against Spain © Screenshot M6

There is the question of “recovery”. Because the regulatory point quoted earlier about the defender’s “recovery” action seems to apply to Eric Garcia. “Injustice”, we shout in Spain, especially the famous presenter of the show El Curinguido. Especially since the Spaniards asked Jules Conte for a hand on an elbow half an hour back, so that was a fine.