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Why was the series canceled and has no sequel?

Why was the series canceled and has no sequel?

when Ozark It was announced, initially that fans compared it to Breaking Bad. Given its initial scheme, it was not difficult to understand the motives. In both series, its protagonists need to enter the underworld in order to survive. Unlike the Walter White series, here the family stands by the protagonist the whole time.

As the seasons went on, we saw that although the plot was different, Ozark Actually some similarities. Someone knew exactly where acceleration and braking had been in their history. The thermometer has made this series gain more fans and become one of the best – and arguably the best – original drama series on Netflix.

Additionally, the series showcased the prowess of Jason Bateman, who was previously seen in many comedies. The same can be said about the plot of Ruth, played by Julia Garner, which has matured and becomes a point of balance in the story that takes place in the City of Lakes.

After many twists and turns and an abrupt ending – we’ll talk about it later – the series has come to an end. Sure, fans of the series are wondering if Netflix could produce the fifth season of Ozark, as well as whether a substring will appear in the future. The producers of the series explained in the interviews and we present them in this article.

Fifth season of Ozark: Why does it happen?

First of all, it is good to remember that the series has not been canceled. Since the announcement of the fourth season renewal, Netflix has already reported that the fifth season of Ozark It will be the last. And at the time of its announcement, the service increased the number of episodes, giving creators the freedom to finish the plot as it should.

During this period, the show was opposed by Chris Mundy, in an interview with daily monster, stated that ending the series was a decision by Netflix. However, from the very beginning, the scriptwriter asked the service to inform him in advance. That way, he can finish the story in a dignified manner.

With the notice and an increase in the number of episodes, the producers and Netflix agreed to end the series. Mundy noted that while the fifth season of Ozark It did not happen, a larger number of episodes is enough.

“I’ve been talking to them about trying to finish the race in five [temporadas], and they weren’t sure if they wanted to do four or five, and it was Netflix that came up with the idea of ​​doing four seasons, but on a longer order, with the idea that they would always be split up. “

and completed:

“My hunch is that they appreciate letting things run their time, and creatively. I know for us, creatively, we didn’t think it would take the past five seasons. We knew where we wanted to end up — at least emotionally, but we didn’t know all the mechanics of it.” That. The idea was always in that range of four to five seasons. That was kind of perfect.”

Jason Bateman talks about the breakup

Photo: Disclosure / Netflix

to me colliderBateman was emphatic about the initial plans for the series. Even before the release of the fourth year, it had already been mentioned that the fifth season of Ozark This was not necessary. The actor and producer of the series said:

“I guess there was always the supposed area [de] Three seasons, four seasons, five seasons, something like that.”

Bateman’s reasoning was straightforward. The plot has always revolved around the attempt of the Byrdie family to part with the illegal business. Bypassing the plot is sure to give the couple an unhappy ending, as the characters are either killed or imprisoned.

“The alternative is to flatten that tone so you don’t end up jumping on the shark,” Bateman continued. But then the story is extended to include more episodes and seasons.”

Julia Garner, who plays Ruth Langmore, also spoke about her satisfaction with the ending Ozark while it is increasing. To a time, Garner said:

“It’s really very good. From a technical point of view, I feel that ending the series on a high level like this is probably the smartest move. You never want to be the last person to leave the party. Personally and selfishly, I could have shot this series until I was 70.” “

Can your Ozars have a cross?

Ozark could split from Season 5 instead of Season 5
Photo: Disclosure / Netflix

In recent years, many notable series have gained spin-offs for plot expansion. Breaking Bad has expanded its world with Better Call Saul and even La Casa de Papel will get a Berlin-focused prequel. Of course, with the absence of the fifth season of OzarkThis started with coercion.

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Important: This article will contain spoilers from this point on.

Mundy told THR that the possibility of this happening is real. Presenter said:

“It’s definitely something a lot of people have launched. Never say never, but now we want to make sure we get this as best we can.”

Initially, the most interesting character in the episodic series will be Ruth Langmore. However, as we saw at the end of the series, Julia Garner’s character dies, to bid farewell to any possibility. While it’s possible to make an introduction with the character, we know that Ruth’s life only became interesting after the Byrdie family arrived in town.

Of course, the character had her own personal trauma. His past had a violent father and petty crimes, but we don’t know if this version will sell as easily as the possibility of expanding a world Ozark.

Other possible characters would specifically be the children of Marty and Wendy. Jonah knows how to launder money just like his father and his attitude towards the end of the season was completely unexpected. The decision to kill Mel Satine is completely against his values. However, this act can lead to a chain of events, which leads him down a complex path.

On the other hand, Charlotte will also present a less tense plot. But it must be remembered that when her parents were away, the young woman managed to master the business.

the end of Ozark

the end of Ozark It closes almost all possibilities of getting a fifth season. The series ends after Ruth’s death with a final scene in which the Byrdie family returns home to find Mel (Adam Rothenberg), the private investigator who has been investigating Ben’s death.

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Mel holds a cookie jar containing Ben’s ashes and reveals that she’s discovered what the world still doesn’t know. Wendy offered her brother as the last sacrificial lamb in her quest for power.

You don’t understand, do you? Mel tells Wendy and Marty in her backyard. “You can’t win. You can’t be a Koch or a Kennedy or a damned royal who thinks you are. The world doesn’t work like that.”

At that moment, Jonah appears with a gun—a throwback to the end of Season 1, where Jonah pulls a gun on Garcia (Joseph Melendez) only to find it empty.

But this time, the gun is loaded. Jonah pulls the trigger, the screen turns black and a gunshot is heard – which means the Byrds have miraculously escaped the deadly obstacle course Ozark.

The future of the Byrdie family

Will Ozark have a season 5?  What do we know
Photo: Disclosure / Netflix

Although there may be a derivative of Ozark Happening, Bateman and Mandy gave their thoughts on what they hope the Byrdie family will do after the series ends in an interview with vanity gallery. Now the family has enough political power. Bateman said:

“I bet they’re going to go to Chicago and test this Wendy’s theory, which is, have we got enough political capital to run some things that are going to help people? Getting that capital was confusing, but does the end justify the means? I suppose even though they became more Smarter now than they were when we first met them, I still feel that their arrogance and arrogance will continue to deceive them. I think humility would probably guide them to some better decisions, but I don’t think they’ve come that far yet, unfortunately.”

In turn, Mundy put it more succinctly:

“I think they persisted,” he predicted. They got everything they thought they wanted. But I think they are resorting to a curse, to be honest.”

So, would you like the fifth season of Ozark?

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