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Wichnierek and Fedek from Munich: Gatsiora’s shortage a big surprise

The first information provided by our commentators was the absence of Thomas Cotsiora in the main line of this meeting.

– This is a big surprise, because he was the basic player of this team for many years – said Wisnierek.

When Katsiora disappears from the Dynamo, the Bayern team should not lose Robert Lewandowski, who did not score in the last league match, German journalists have already begun to talk about … the crisis of the Polish form.

– Not scoring a forward like Robert is a sensation. After the last victory, it became clear that he was not happy because he wanted to break many of Jert Mல்லller’s records. That’s why there’s talk of a “crisis” – Vishnierek noted.

Bayern, who beat Barcelona 3-0 at the start of this year’s Champions League edition, were the clear choice of the match on Wednesday, and Lewandowski scored.

From Dynamo’s point of view, defeat in the Super Cup against Shakhtar 0: 3 could be troublesome. The team has not given up too many goals so far. Knucklesman warns his team to reduce counter-attacks in the opponent’s half. Bayern is in an optimal combination, without Koman, had a heart problem. After they did it at Camp Nou, they showed the world that they were still strong with the new coach – Wichnierek said.

Full conversation in attached video.

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