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Widow of Olympic athlete gives birth 15 months after her partner's death

Widow of Olympic athlete gives birth 15 months after her partner’s death

Australian Olympic skater Alex “Champy” Boleyn, Eledie Boleyn, gave birth to the couple’s daughter 15 months after the athlete’s death in July 2020.

Alex died while practicing spearfishing at the age of 32. In June of this year, the partner announced on Instagram that she was pregnant, a dream the couple had been trying to fulfill for several years.

“Your father and I have dreamed of you for years. With a heartbreaking development in half, I am honored to finally welcome a part of him into this world!”Eldy Books.

according to CNN, a figure skating companion revealed that the couple had been trying to conceive before Alex’s death, but the process proved to be difficult, adding that they were considering a move toward in vitro fertilization.

“We were going to keep trying for a few more months, but then we’d move on to IVF, and that was always the plan,” he said.

Baby girl Minnie Alex Pauline was born through IVF and was born on October 25.

“We did the semen retrieval, of course, because Chumpy passed away. The doctor chose the most viable sample and fertilized the egg”Eldy explained.

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