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Feuer breitet sich bei einem Waldbrand weiter aus. (Quelle:dpa/C.Dettlaff)

Wildfires: Despite the rain, firefighters have not yet released all information about Drunbridge.

Hundreds of hectares of forest were burned

Despite the rain, the fire brigade has not yet made it fully clear to Drunbridge.

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Over the weekend, forests around Treuenbrietzen burned down 280 football fields, and three cities were evacuated. It rained early Monday morning – but the danger has not yet been averted.

A wildfire near Treuenbrietzen (Potsdam-Mittelmark) is currently under control. After the first rain, the situation was much looser than on Sunday evening, Brandenburg Forest Fire Officer Raymond Engel explained on rbb24 Inforadio on Monday morning.

The fire was contained to 180 hectares in Frohnsdorf’s Treuenbrietzener district. However, Engel says there will be more shutdown work and safety tests: “The previous rain has not turned it off yet. It’s still going to be busy here.” He intends to move the announced thunderstorm through Brandenburg, bringing further relief to both areas.

Meanwhile, evacuation measures for Klausdorf and Tiefenbrunnen districts have now been canceled, according to rbb reports. Over the course of the day, the move is also expected for Frohnsdorf.

Firefighters are counting on more rain

On-site operations manager Olaf Lehmann told Anton Brandenburg on Monday morning that the rain had “helped a lot”. Treuenbrietzen still produces smoke, but no strong flames. However, Lehman said burning fires in areas where ammunition is loaded are still dangerous. The current rain will last till noon. After that it will be permanently dry so it can turn in a different direction.

There are currently 455 emergency services on site. In addition, about 150 people are on their way to change their co-workers. In addition, the bandageware helps in a pot, which will remove the trees.

The forest has already burned down in 2018

A fire broke out Friday afternoon in a forest believed to be contaminated with explosives. Therefore, emergency services could not reach the spot, making it very difficult to control the fire. The summer sun and wind speed on Sunday ignited the fire. In some cases, 200 hectares of forest were set on fire – the size of 280 football fields. Klausdorf, Tiefenbrunnen and Frohnsdorf districts had to be evacuated, affecting about 620 people. An emergency shelter was set up at Treuenbrietzen City Hall for the evacuees.

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