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Will Gmail be shut down by Google?  Understand changes in service

Will Gmail be shut down by Google? Understand changes in service

One An alleged message from Google End communication Gmail It was circulated on Thursday (22) on social media. In particular, on X, the old Twitter site, posts referred to a company statement warning of the end of the service.

to publish It suggests that Gmail will end on August 1, 2024 After that date, you will not be able to receive, send, or even store messages. The text tells us that the company The decision was reportedly made due to the “evolving digital landscape.” and in developing “new technologies and platforms” for communications.

One false post that went viral has already been debunked by a community note.source: Play/X

He even uses the word “sunset” To indicate the supposed ending. This is a term that literally means “sunset” in English, and is used in corporate circles to indicate the gradual shutdown of service.

However, there is no need to panic or search for another “@” for registrations and contacts. This screenshot about the end of Gmail is completely fake There is no assurance that the service will cease to exist.

Even the official account of the service on X posted a message saying “Gmail is here to stay”which once and for all puts an end to any speculation surrounding the possible ending.

Posts containing the message are flagged as false using resources like community feedback. However, when searching for the term “Gmail” on the social network, it can be seen that many users are still in doubt about the future of the service.

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Gmail is undergoing a transformation

Gmail in particular isn't about to disappear for two reasons. The first one is The current importance of the service to Google as a whole: More than just a way to access emails, it is now one of the main means of access and authentication for the company's other platforms, including the Android ecosystem.

Moreover, according to 2022 estimates, the number of users of the service is 1.8 billion, which means that It is very popular and profitable as wellin particular by displaying personalized advertising messages.

Instead of dying out, Gmail is slowly changing. Last year, Google confirmed that it would begin deprecating Gmail's core HTML rendering for browsers. This means that The simplified and limited version of the site should not be openedand replacing it with traditional service.

Google's message about the end of basic HTML, which is losing support this month.Google's message about the end of basic HTML, which is losing support this month.source: Google

Furthermore, the email client received AI add-ons with resources from the company's Gemini platform.

Google has a habit of killing services

Although this message is false, it's not hard to believe that Google will permanently shut down a service. The company is known for starting and stopping large-scale projects, including recent names like Stadia and Google Pay.

As for the fake Google message that spread like wildfire, there is no explanation behind its creation.

The image that went viral may have occurred with the intention of causing panic on the platform or sparking reaction. Verified accounts on Social Network