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Será desconto de Black Friday? Preços dos combustíveis voltam a baixar para a semana

Will it be discounted on Black Friday? Diesel and petrol prices are falling again this week

After successive increases, fuel prices began to fall, which led to a significant easing of consumer spending, especially those who have to travel by car daily. Indirectly, these price drops will also affect the prices of the products that we find in supermarkets (among many other sectors), which will be a welcome help in a time of high consumption.

For the third week in a row, diesel and petrol prices fell again.

Fuel prices continue to fall

Today's news indicates that diesel and petrol prices are expected to fall next Monday by €0.05 and €0.045, respectively.

According to data from the Directorate General of Energy and Geology (DGEG), prices should average in the coming week at 1.641 euros per liter of simple diesel and 1.644 per liter of 95 simple petrol, not forgetting that prices may vary from petrol station to post.

Through the end of the year, consumers will continue to benefit from the ISP reduction and carbon tax suspension. Despite this decline, prices are still above pre-war levels.

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