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Will it be the end of the FIFA video games? EA considers not renewing the partnership

Electronic Arts (EA) has been developing and releasing the FIFA video game for several years, and updates it annually. However, clashes between the two entities could put an end to the iconic game that has marked generations.

For the CEO of EA, all FIFA offers are “four letters on the front of the box”.

EA has renewed its license to launch annual From FIFA, one of the biggest video game titles of the past few decades. However, during recent conversations about the status of this license, EA CEO Andrew Wilson has shown no willingness to continue partnering with FIFA to develop the video game.

Now, the differences between FIFA and the and the It could put an end to the release of the iconic video game that gives the name to the first entity, because for the second CEO, FIFA only has to provide "four letters on the front of the box". According to anonymous sources, the CEO also believes that FIFA has limited the video game's entry into "wider digital ecosystems" and EA from implementing other partnerships that would be beneficial to the success and development of the game's quality.

Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA

Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts (EA)

as progress VGCThe CEO of EA spoke with employees about the possibility of withdrawing franchise support from FIFA. Since he considers licensing to be a "hindrance" to the series' game progress, Andrew Wilson believes this is the most appropriate step they can take for the brand.

Basically, what we get from FIFA in a year other than the world are the four letters on the front of the box; In a world where most people don't see the chest anymore because they buy the game digitally. In a World Cup year, of course, we have access to the World Cup; But in the broader context of year-over-year world football, the World Cup is important, but not the most important. We have another 300 licenses that give us content our players will engage with more deeply.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson said:

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