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Will Osprey talk about signing for WWE

Will Osprey talk about signing for WWE

Will Ospreay is one of the best wrestlers in NJPW, and as usual, there is some speculation as to whether he will ever sign. WWE.

In an interview with Wresthings, Will Ospreay addressed the possibility of signing with WWE, after saying he had no aspirations to do so.

I have no ambition to wrestle in WWE. It’s not about the product or anything, I’m not a fan and I have no problem saying it but my lifestyle, I never wanted to be a huge star in wrestling. Fighting in Japan allows me to tour and go home and live with my family.

Anyone who knows me knows that my family is everything to me. I love my dad, and I’m not ashamed to say it. I love my grandparents and would do anything for them. If I were part of the circle of friends that I consider family, I would do exactly the same. It is important for me to take the breaks from wrestling to be able to live this life, because one day I want to be like my parents and grandparents, because they are the people who raised me.

In NJPW the focus is on wrestling. I shouldn’t have stories where this guy was sleeping with my girlfriend or whatever or our corner From getting married, or being kidnapped by a ninja. I know from the outside I’m a guy who does a lot of stunts and stuff, but I’m a wrestler and I love wrestling.

I don’t mind those weird stories, but there’s nothing better than when the bell rings and there are two guys fighting and telling great stories inside the ring. Throughout my time in NJPW, I love the company, and this place has done incredible things for me emotionally, mentally and physically. I kill myself because the fights are so hard, but everyone took care of me. So, I just love the company.

Will Osprey mentioned in this interview as well C m BankBrian Danielson, Jungle Boy, Keith LeeAnd Jon Moxley and Dante Martin as fighters he would like to face AEW x NJPW: Forbidden Door.

Do you think Osprey will wrestle in WWE?

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