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Will SIC bring together Barbara Norton de Matos and Luciana Abreu?  “There will always be inconvenience.”

Will SIC bring together Barbara Norton de Matos and Luciana Abreu? “There will always be inconvenience.”

This week Nova Gente highlights the alleged rivalry between Barbara Norton de Matos and Luciana Abreu at SIC.

Barbara Norton de Matos is the current girlfriend of João Moura Caetano, a bullrider and ex-fiancé of Luciana Abreu (the relationship ended in November 2023).

This issue is closed for me. Things only have the importance we give themsaid Luciana Abreu.

The two actresses have already worked together in the TV series “Louco Amor” (TVI, 2012/13) and “Amor Amor” (SIC, 2021/22), and at the moment, there is no joint project planned for the Paço de Arcos station. , but it is not excluded.

These situations are never easy to manage, but they are matters of each person's private life. SIC does not interfere, but it also cannot be limited to selecting teams due to situations of this kind. The actresses in question are professionals and I'm sure they would behave appropriately if they had to cross paths, whatever the circumstances.“A source at the channel said.

Of course, if the two had to work together on a TV series, the environment would be strange. There will always be a feeling of discomfort and this discomfort ends up spreading to other elements of production. At the moment, the two are not expected to work together. If this happens in the future, we will see soon. This situation may have been resolved in the meantime.“, he added.

The only similar situation I remember was with Claudia Vieira and Sara Matos, but that case was much more serious. There was a clear keenness on the part of the channel not to intersect between the two, whether in series, programs, or any other type of scenario.“, recalls the same source.

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Recall that Bárbara Norton de Matos is currently a commentator on the program “Passadeira Vermelha” on SIC/SIC Caras. In turn, Luciana Abreu is one of the presenters of the “Domingo” program.

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