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Will the new iPad Pro double in size?  Apple guarantees that the chassis will not fail

Will the new iPad Pro double in size? Apple guarantees that the chassis will not fail

Last week, Apple showed off its latest revolutionary iPad Pro, and this, along with the Air, received several new features, but one of them stands out in a unique way. The new iPad Pro is the thinnest product and this could pose a problem. Will the new iPad Pro double in size? Apple guarantees this won't happen and explains why.

Apple iPad Pro bends rigidity

Will the new iPad Pro double the size of the M4?

The new iPad Pro, regardless of screen size, has a unique argument in the tablet space. It is practically a laptop and equipped with the best SoC that Apple has to offer and which stands out on the market as one of the most powerful proposals.

In addition, Apple has managed to make this new tablet one of the thinnest devices available on the market. During its presentation, this point became clear, when the company revealed that the 13-inch model will have a maximum thickness of 5.1 mm.

There have been problems with this tablet in the past

Naturally, this brings users some less positive flashbacks. With the 2018 model, there was a lot of controversy, as many realized that it was relatively easy to fold their iPads. It was so simple that some came that way from the factory and were already folded out of the box.

This time Apple doesn't want that to happen and has taken measures it believes are necessary to ensure the sturdiness and durability of the new iPad Pro. The explanation was provided by John Ternos, senior vice president of hardware engineering at Apple. Revealed some new things.

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Apple guarantees that the new structure will not leave

John Ternos has revealed that the new 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Pros have a new internal chassis, with a new metal cover sitting on top of the logic board (described as a "rib") and extending down the middle of the device, forming the central reinforcement. This change "significantly improves the rigidity of the product" and also contributes to better heat dissipation.

Apple revealed at the recent event that the iPad Pro has a 20% improvement in thermal performance thanks to the addition of graphite sheets in the main box and the use of copper in the logo. We should see these changes and improvements very soon, with the new iPad Pro arriving to users this week on the 15th.