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Previously, this was not necessary, but for a few years now, a pre-anesthetic consultation for elective surgeries, that is, those scheduled, which are not emergency, has become mandatory.

In this consultation, the anesthesiologist will gather all the information to reduce the risks related to the surgery and determine the best procedure that can be performed for each person.

Some medicines need to be stopped and even suspended for a while before and after surgery, because taking them can lead to risks.

According to anesthesiologist Pedro Detojni, hormonal contraceptives (the pill and patch) can be dangerous in the days leading up to surgery, as they increase the risk of developing blood clots in surgeries using epidural, spinal, or general anesthesia. Therefore, whether or not to keep the medication is a matter to be evaluated in the counseling.

“Of course, each case is different and that is why it is important to consult with the anesthesiologist, but as a rule, about 15 days before surgery, you should stop taking some types of medications, such as acetylsalicylic acid derivatives. (such as aspirin. ), clopidogrel, anti-inflammatories and even some Diabetics, anticoagulants and vasodilators, because this type of substance increases blood circulation.As a result, when the wound is made, the volume and frequency of bleeding will increase, making it difficult to close and heal.

Any type of weight loss medication should also be discontinued for at least 15 days prior to the procedure, including diuretics. Dipyrone, paracetamol and ibuprofen should be evaluated.

Pedro said that before going to a pre-anaesthesia consultation, it is important to make a list of all the medications the patient is taking, including homeopathic medicines or other medicines that seem unrelated, so that any risks are avoided at the time of this. a surgical procedure.

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Quitting smoking at least 30 days before surgery is also an important guide not to harm your health and tissue healing.

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