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William accuses his brother of being obsessed with fame - The Observer

William accuses his brother of being obsessed with fame – The Observer

Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey was broadcast over a month ago, but replicas of the jolt it wrought in the British royal family still appear. This time, a fountain is close to Prince William He spoke To US Weekly about the tense conversations between the two brothers in the wake of the Sussex discoveries and the suspicions raised in front of an audience of millions.

According to the American publication, William accuses Harry of being obsessed with fame, at a time when it is almost certain that the two will meet this summer, in London, to inaugurate a statue in honor of Princess Diana, on the occasion of her birthday. His 60th birthday.

“William feels Harry has taken a step bigger than his leg when he moved to California – this success and Hollywood went to his head,” the source said, adding that Prince Carlos’s eldest son “accused Harry of putting fame in front of the family afterward. Big interview.”

The two brothers’ conversation after the March 7 interview is nothing new. A few days later, on the first public date after the Sussex accusations, reporters questioned William in London. “We are not a racist family”, advertiser, In the face of the alleged comments about Archie’s complexion, born in May 2019. On the same occasion, the Prince said he had not yet spoken to Harry, but said he intended to do so.

Rumors about the differences between the two brothers are not recent, although during the interview with Oprah, the focus was on Harry’s relationship with his father, who has also been troubled lately. Also in October 2019, in the ITV documentary during a tour of the African continent, the Duke of Sussex Has commented Relationship with Brother: “Now, we are on different paths.”