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Wills have a higher VAT than staying overnight in a five-star hotel

Wills have a higher VAT than staying overnight in a five-star hotel

The state imposes a 23% VAT on the inventory or will process, which are mandatory procedural procedures for many people. However, they only charge 5% for a night's stay in Madeira in a five-star hotel.

The state imposes a 23% VAT on inventories, wills and qualifications of heirs, procedures and procedural procedures that many people adhere to, without the possibility of escaping when going to a notary's office or a registry office. However, without any obligation, people will be able to sleep in a five-star hotel on the continent and pay only 6% VAT. In Madeira they will pay 5% and only 4% in the Azores.

“It is unfair,” considers the president of the Notary Public Union (ON), stressing: “It is not reasonable for the legislator to equate, with regard to the collection of value-added tax, access to law and justice, constitutionally guaranteed, and the acquisition of any consumer good or service, any application A maximum percentage of 23%.”

In this sense, ON sent to the political parties competing in the elections, which obtained parliamentary seats, some proposals for the justice sector, proposing, in particular, the exemption from VAT on procedural procedures and procedures that are considered unavoidable in some cases, such as, operations Inventories, wills, qualifications of heirs, irrevocable powers of attorney and extrajudicial participation – “taking into account the fundamental public interest and the imperative of access to these services,” explains the President (pictured).

ON also proposes to apply a 6% VAT to other services provided by notaries, solicitors and barristers. For example, notarization of documents, simple powers of attorney, real estate purchase and sale contracts, mortgages, division of inheritance, division of assets due to divorce, etc.

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ON, according to Jorge Batista da Silva, would also like to go further and for VAT to disappear from all legal procedures. “The state does not have to make money from justice. This is a constitutional right,” he said. “It is natural that we pay the price for resolving the dispute, but it is impossible to defend the obligation to pay a 23% value-added tax on the value of the service, as if it were a value-added tax.” “Whiskey.” For the president, “the state cannot use justice as a source of profit. “It is immoral and unconstitutional.” He said: “In inventory operations, which is an inevitable process, the 23% value-added tax is considered a complete deviation. This must end immediately. The state should have put an end to this matter now.” In his opinion, “No one knows why the matter did not end, taking into account that it is not within the scope of the competition.” He added: “In the worst-case scenario, everything must be reduced to 6%, until a solution is found to become zero.”

ON also suggested politicians delegitimize stocks due to death and divorce. This measure includes the creation of a new simplified inventory system, according to which the process will be strengthened in notary offices and courts, at the same time, preserving the competences of each one, but taking advantage, for this purpose, of interoperability between notary offices and courts. Inventory Processing Platform and Citius Platform from the Department of Justice. In other words, both entities simultaneously worked on the same process via IT.

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These and other ON proposals were presented to political parties when their electoral platforms were already closed. The president explained that “regardless of who wins the elections, all these proposals are in line with what any government wants for public administration.”