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Wimbledon: Tatjana Maria - two children, 34 - in the form of her life

Wimbledon: Tatjana Maria – two children, 34 – in the form of her life

DHis life full of interests and twists, there are many more stories to stretch out at home which is really enough for a full sportsman’s life. Tatjana Maria is now 34 years old, she has two children on tour, she is still playing tennis at world level, and now she is in the semifinals of a Grand Slam tournament for the first time in her career, and meets one of her best friends there. The fact that Maria has since nearly died after a pulmonary embolism and that she is a stand-up lady in the industry fits with Pat Chalka’s CV as a professional player.

For the heroine, who competed under her maiden name Malek until she married her Spanish coach Charles-Edouard Maria in 2013, London seems like a fairy tale at Wimbledon these days. “It’s a dream to live with my family and my two little daughters,” Maria said of her compatriot Jules Niemeyer after her quarter-final victory. “I was born a year ago. It’s crazy.”

In fact, it’s amazing how strong the slice expert is now after the birth of her second daughter, Cecilia. She seems to be in the best shape of her life — and enjoying what some famous tennis moms have reported before her: People who play a lot can celebrate a faster return than “normal” moms. Serena Williams, for example, rediscovered her world-class form after the birth of her daughter five years ago, and Kim Clijsters won three of her four Grand Slam titles after becoming a first-time mother in 2008.

Tatjana Maria celebrates after reaching the semi-finals

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An event about professionals like Marion Salbrizio. The sports scientist says there are no studies that show women perform better after giving birth than before. “However, we know that women who are already involved in sports are better able to cope with childbirth, because the birth process, its duration and effort require a certain level of exercise,” says Sulbrizio, who works as a research assistant at Cologne Sports. University of Sport and Pregnancy Research Campus.

Experts explain that people who do a lot of sports are more likely to tolerate it. This is the reason why many athletes come back relatively quickly and successfully. “These women were in very good shape before they were born, and then they didn’t have to wait as long to get their bodies back to where they were before they got pregnant.”

Battle against girlfriend at Wimbledon

What else can Maria do after such experiences is a burning question. First she meets on Thursday (2.30 pm, on WELT’s Sports Ticker) She finished in the semi-finals of the Tennis Classic against her friend and world number two against Ounce Japier. “I love Tatjana very much, her family is wonderful. She is my friend,” the third-seeded Tunisian said after her quarter-final win over Czech Marie Bouskova.

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“It will be tough to play against them. I am very happy that she made it to the semi-finals.” She wants others to see Maria. “She’s a semi-finalist and has two kids. It’s an incredible story,” Jaber said. “I’m so happy she’s getting what she deserves,” the 27-year-old said. “She’s been through a lot. It’s not easy coming back after having two kids. It’s going to be a great match with a lot of respect between us.”

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And practicing yoga for two — not just next to each other, but with each other

It is unusual in professional tennis that Maria now has to do something like a family feud with Japier after the German fight with Niemeyer. “We have known each other for many years, he loves children,” Maria described her relationship with her colleague. “She sees my kids as hers, so she’s really part of our family. Whenever she sees Charlotte, she’s playing tennis with Charlotte. If she sees Ceci, it’s her child. We get along great.”

Maria struggled with a serious illness

The friendship will take a short break when the two rivals face each other on center court. After the biggest success of her career, Maria can now also achieve historic things: in the 138-year history of women’s tennis at Wimbledon, only four mothers have won the title, and only Australian Yvonne Coolagung-Cawley since the First World War. In 1980, the English press already found a respectful nickname for Maria, who was called “Thade” by friends: in general and considering the many races to be held in her life at Wimbledon, she was the “mother of all comebacks”.

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Chris Evert

It goes without saying that Tatjana Maria still plays tennis today. When she was 20, she was diagnosed with thrombosis in her leg. After a pulmonary embolism, Maria was at risk of death as she was threatened with a heart attack. Several activities followed, which eventually enabled him to continue his career. Her father, who accompanied her to the matches, died shortly after. “Some things happened to me that automatically make you stronger,” she said at Wimbledon.

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Push-ups on the beach in Rhodes

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