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Wimbledon - Ugo Humbert knocks out Roland-Garros finalist Caspar Root in 2nd round

Wimbledon – Ugo Humbert knocks out Roland-Garros finalist Caspar Root in 2nd round

Well done Humbert! For his second round at Wimbledon 2022, the Frenchman defeated Caspar Root, a finalist in Roland-Carros, in four sets and 2h36 (3-6, 6-2, 7-5, 6-4). Entering the competition like Diesel, the 112th player in the ATP gradually moved up to third in the first rankings, despite the discomfort of playing on the lawn. Eighth finalist at Wimbledon 2019, Humbert will try to repeat this feat by defeating his future rival, David Coffin of Belgium in a fight.

At the start of this third day at Wimbledon, Ugo Humbert played a good shot against Root. Uncomfortable at Wimbledon he has only finished one round since entering the professional round, although from the first transmissions the Norwegian machine had doubts in his mind. The Frenchman, who dominated two service games, had twice as many unwanted errors as his opponent (15 vs. 7) and took some time before running the machine with the worst performance on the net (winning 3 points in 11 attempts). Since then, Root has captured the first set in half an hour (6-3).

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Humbert came back as a boomerang in the 3rd set

Despite this bad start, Humbert was not surprised to find himself in danger. The most talented, left-handed player in the service, trailing 1-1 in 4 minutes and tying a set everywhere on the dictatorial path in 39 minutes to start the fight firmly against the Scandinavians (6-2). In return, Root won the first three games of the third set … Hobbs came back like a boomerang and tied 3-3.

Very determined in the transfer and sometimes catastrophic, Humbert captured the third set 5-5 in 46 minutes (7-5). Dominating then, he did not miss his chance, he stood straight in front of him and surprised Root with a shotgun, passing 4-4, 30-40. Unexpectedly, the Frenchman finished a shutout to qualify for the third round, where David Coffin waits for the long-awaited Franco-Belgium fight.

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