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Wind and heat make extinguishing difficult - VG

Wind and heat make extinguishing difficult – VG

Several fires are burning along the tourist coast of Turkey. The source of many of the fires is now under investigation.


A number of forest fires are raging in the areas around Turkey’s famous Mediterranean coast. Many of the fires are said to be suspicious, and an investigation has now been opened to find out their source.

– Those responsible for the attacks carried out on nature and forests will be held accountable as soon as possible, Erdogan’s communications director, Fahrettin Altun, wrote. Twitter.

It is reported that more than 60 fires broke out in different parts of the country in the past week, reports Reuters. Fire crews are now working hard to control the fires, but strong winds and high temperatures in the area make firefighting difficult. The German newspaper reported that so far, four dead and dozens of injured have been reported freedom.

– Turkey’s full capacity has been mobilized. All our teams are in the field, according to Turkey’s environment minister France 24.

The Antalya region, which is a popular holiday destination for many tourists, has been hit hard by the fires. The mayor of the regional capital of Antalya, Muhitin Busek, believes that the fact that several fires broke out at the same time indicates that they were on fire.

– This refers to a fatal fire, but we do not have enough information to prove anything yet, it is said to have been stated according to France24.

He points to the four fires that broke out on Wednesday around the same time in forested areas around the city of Manavgat, where about 100,000 people live. Manavgat is located 75 kilometers east of the resort of Antalya and 60 kilometers west of Alanya, which are usually popular vacation destinations for Norwegians.

The fire in Manavgat will now be brought under control, but is still burning in the neighboring town of Aksiki, it was reported. freedom early Thursday.

Here, 80 percent of homes have been burned down in some areas, the paper reported.

It will also burn well in other parts of the country as well, including the Mersin region adjacent to Antalya.

Holiday cities affected

On both social media and Turkish TV, there are plenty of pictures showing people fleeing cars and racing for life on smoke-filled streets. The fires also led to huge clouds of smoke that were clearly visible in the distance.

Get help: Large wildfires have severely affected both animals and people in the area. Photo: KAAN SOYTURK / REUTERS

On the Greek island of Lesbos, fires can be clearly seen.

White ash flakes settle on tables and hair, says Elizabeth Poulsen, who is vacationing in the area.

She says that there are very high temperatures in the area, and that, judging from the fires, it will not be easy to put out.

“I’ve never seen this before, so it’s very cool, but also scary,” she says.

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On Friday night, the NTB reported that at least four people died as a result of the fires that broke out on the Turkish coast. More than 180 wounded.