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Windows 11 desktop background images? Find out what Microsoft owns

The customization that Windows 11 offers to users, allows them to create a system that adapts to their desires and what they want to convey. There are several elements that can be changed for new proposals.

A simple example is the desktop background image, which can be easily changed. Microsoft has taken this even further and is now able to give users new, higher quality photos.

Choosing a good background image for your desktop is something that can be a real task for many. In addition to being able to integrate with Windows 11, it must also be attractive to the user, and it must also be stimulating.

Of course, it is not easy to find such images, so the simplest thing is to delegate to third parties. Microsoft has taken on this role and is now giving users access to the images it has, such as those it provides on Bing and Even in the spotlight.

Windows 11 Desktop Background Image from Microsoft

To access this new version of Windows 11, you have to open Settings in this Microsoft system. Then, on the right, choose the Personalization tab and then find the Background option.

Here you can select the background image you want to use on your Windows 11 desktop. You should then open the menu associated with Customize your wallpaper and then choose the Windows featured option, so you can use Microsoft options.

Windows 11 Desktop Background Image from Microsoft

The new background image will immediately appear and be applied to the Windows 11 desktop. This will be controlled by Microsoft and will change every day, leaving only a link at the top of this area, to access more information about what is available to users as a background image.

This is a simple way to completely change Windows 11, with a new and different image every day. This is another easy customization that will surely be welcome to most users.

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