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Windows 11 has a new feature that promises more security for users

Windows 11 has a new feature that promises more security for users

Windows 11 will be the world’s first operating system to offer kernel-level phishing protection

In the last fifth to Microsoft It held an event where it revealed some of the new features coming to its latest operating system, which is Windows 11. Among these new features, the company has revealed a very interesting one, which will alert users who save passwords in plain text format.

If you do not know what this means, then the explanation is very simple, millions of users save some passwords in text files, for example in Notepad, and save them in txt format, for example, on the desktop. And you don’t have to be very smart to realize that this is not a safe and recommended practice, as passwords should be stored in encrypted locations.

With the next major update of Windows 11, Microsoft plans to provide a way to protect these users. So this new Windows 11 security feature uses the extension Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, which is already integrated into the operating system and provides protection against malicious applications or browser extensions. In version 22H2 or later, the . file Microsoft Defender It will provide protection against phishing Using artificial intelligence based detection technology.

The purpose of this new phishing feature is to protect users from phishing attacks by identifying when users “point” credentials in apps like Notepad and malware, and alerting them with a popup that appears on a screen at the top of open apps or tabs.

How does this work? In theory, Windows 11’s smart screen saver runs at the kernel level and can tell you when you’ve typed your password into any app. It can also detect passwords in entry forms on websites that try to copy an original website, such as Microsoft or Facebook.

New anti-phishing protection will be introduced to Windows 11 users starting with Sun Valley 2 and Windows will become the first operating system in the world to offer kernel-level phishing protection.

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