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Windows 11 is coming to Xiaomi and OnePlus smartphones!

Windows 11 is coming to Xiaomi and OnePlus smartphones!

Just yesterday I talked about how well Windows 11 has adapted to a smartphone that has the ability to make and receive calls. In this particular case it was an experience with the Lumia 950 XL. Today there is more good news. This is because not everyone has a Lumia 950 XL at home, many of them have a smartphone from other, more popular manufacturers. However, here is the Windows 11 operating system on Xiaomi and OnePlus smartphones. This is thanks to the work of a group of programmers paving the way for many new features!

Windows 11 is coming to Xiaomi and OnePlus smartphones!

Microsoft recently revealed Windows 11 Preview to insiders and of course many enthusiasts started experimenting right away. Someone was installing Windows 11 on smartphones.

These efforts are still in their infancy. So of course this is completely normal. But over time, everything will work out better and better. And look, it’s not very difficult to get Windows up and running.

Person in charge of the project the rebel The site said Newer Windows That Windows 11 ARM64 can be installed on Snapdragon 845 smartphones. Snapdragon 855 is partially powered by the port. edk2-sm8150.

Thanks to the work done by the Renegade team, it was possible to fix Windows 11 on OnePlus 6T and Xiaomi Mi 8. However, many parts of the operating system are not working well. For example, unlike what happened on Lumia, it was not possible to activate calls.

windows 11 xiaomi
Here we have Windows 11 running on OnePlus 6T

To run this operating system on Android smartphones, programmers have created their own drivers and tools.

windows 11 xiaomi

It is true that Microsoft did not properly design Windows 11 to run on smartphones. However, this operating system’s support for the ARM architecture makes this easily possible.

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Another interesting detail is that Windows 11 adapts well to smartphones. In fact it looks like they were made for them.

As for the Nokia equipment, everything went well. Interestingly, although Windows was officially developed for tablets and PCs, the operating system copes very well with smart phone. The Lumia 950 XL with a 5.7 inch screen was able to run the new Windows and everything worked just fine.

windows 11 xiaomi

The start menu works as it should and even the animations are intact. Moreover, Windows 11 responds very well, however, the programmer managed to enable mobile connectivity using Windows 10 Mobile drivers. In other words, this brought local calls and messages to this operating system.

However, if you want to install Windows 11 on your PC Here Complete tutorial.