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Windows 11 is now available.  These are 4 major news - Monitor

Windows 11 is now available. These are 4 major news – Monitor

one dimension Microsoft’s troubled announcement, The next version of the world’s most used operating system – Windows 10 – is officially available on Tuesday. Dubbed Windows 11, this program brings a new look, improved features and even a mode designed for those who no longer use a mouse and want computers only if you can control them by touching the screen. Below, in four points, we explain the main news. But first, we make an important point: before trying to install the new version of Windows, Make sure your computer can support it.

Minimum requirements to install Windows 11



According to Microsoft, you must have a PC with at least these features and components to install Windows 11.

  • “Healer
    1 GHz or higher with two or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or SoC (system on a chip)
  • RAM
  • storage
    Storage device 64 GB or higher
  • Firmware do sistema
    UEFI with secure boot support. See this link for information about how to configure your computer to meet this requirement.
  • TPMv
    TPM (Trusted Platform Module) Version 2.0. I see this link For instructions on how to configure your computer to meet this requirement.
  • Photographers card
    Compatible with DirectX 12 or later with a WDDM 2.0 controller.
  • Monitor
    HD display (720p) over 9 inches (diagonal), 8 bits per color channel.
  • Internet connection
    Windows 11 Home setup requires a Microsoft account and an Internet connection.

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To perform the update, the device must be running Windows 10, version 2004 or later. Free updates are available through Windows Update under Settings > Update & Security. “

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Despite the free upgrade for those with Windows 10 It won’t automatically be available for all devices this Tuesday — it will be rolled out until 2022, Microsoft explains – The old program started to pass. In other words, from now on, if you buy a new Windows PC, it should already come with Windows 11.

Can you install? Even if this is not the case and you are thinking of buying a new computer, do not despair: sometimes, at the beginning of the launch of operating systems, it is good to wait a few weeks or even months. There are always bugs and surprises in the computer that only get better with time. After all, there is a new Start menu that has not yet appeared and has already appeared Received strong reviews This is a reminder Controversial launch of Windows 8.

From Android to the Creators Store. How Windows 11 wants to “be the foundation of the next web”

The US company says that some devices with Windows 10 installed may not support the new version of the software. On the support pages, Microsoft is not clear as to which devices will not support the upgrade. However, in addition to setting the minimum requirements, it also leaves a promise: Until October 14, 2025, Windows 10 will continue to be updated.

Right, left or center? According to Microsoft, the virtue is right in the middle, with the Start menu (the system panel for accessing all programs) now at the bottom of the screen. It may seem like a small change, but from an aesthetic point of view it is the change of operating system that fans of the program will soon notice. Until today, Microsoft has chosen to have a Start menu button at the bottom left of the screen.

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The position of the Start menu can be changed in the settings. However, even if you change the aspect, as soon as you open it, the layout of programs also begins to be presented in a different way, for example, the search menu is now integrated into this access.

[O vídeo de apresentação do Windows 11 que mostra o Menu Iniciar no centro do ecrã]

In addition to the new presentation, the menu uses File clouds It will also show recommended apps and documents, even if they’re on other devices you use – like a smartphone.

Do you turn your laptop on and off multiple times from a second or third screen? If you do this with a Windows machine, you should be in the habit of rearranging open windows and icons on the desktop multiple times. Now, with Windows 11, Microsoft promises that this is a thing of the past. If you walk your computer from side to side, the system will automatically minimize the open windows, knowing which layout you have configured with one, two, or even three monitors.

Nearly four decades in the windows. Do you remember all the Windows already released?

With any computer, and specifically one running Windows, the question is not “if” a problem will occur, but “when” it will occur. Anyone using this computer program will have already encountered “blue screen of death(Blue Screen of Death, in Portuguese). This has been the case for many years: it has even happened to Bill Gates, the founder of the company, During a show in the nineties. This screen appears when there is a serious system error that requires you to restart it. how did you do the edgeWhen something goes wrong, the screen will change to a black background.

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[O momento da apresentação do Windows 98 em que aparece um “blue screen of death” a Bill Gates]

Windows also brings a new PC App Store and the promise of one day being able to use Android smartphone apps on your PC, integration with Teams and automated modes to better visualize the programs you use. However, mostly as a visual change considering future PCs, Microsoft is once again aiming to make the system easier to use on touch screens.

Practically speaking, with Windows 11, the company dropped Tablet Mode and opted to redesign Windows icons even if you’re not using a mouse and have a screen touch. Contact. Link, be able to download where you want. With this said, there’s also a new touch keyboard for those who use computers just as if they were a tablet – even with the digital stylus, which now has more options.