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Windows 11 Microsoft Beta maduro sistema

Windows 11 is very mature and Microsoft has released Insiders Beta

As the release date approaches, Microsoft is working on improvements and what Windows 11 needs. This was a surprise recently from the software giant and is now used by a very wide range of users.

After several versions that proved to be a stable and ready-to-use system on a daily basis, Windows 11 is now receiving one more confirmation. This Microsoft system has been upgraded and can finally be accessed as a beta in the Insiders Program.

Increasingly mature system

Ago submitted In June of this year, Windows 11 showed itself as a stable system and very close to its version. The proof of that is in your position Already visible in the market operating systems, where it already owns nearly 1%.

With no specific release date, this system will be developed and tested until Microsoft feels it is ready to deploy. Everything indicates that this moment will happen at the end of this year or the beginning of 2022.

Windows 11 Microsoft Beta maduro

Windows 11 beta has finally arrived

Showing that Windows 11 is already more mature, an important new feature has now appeared. The new Microsoft platform is now available in a new beta, known as the Beta within the Insiders channel, where everything is tested.

This new option is already in the Windows 11 settings, ready for users to choose. This was not a step that could be taken to force a reinstall, but Microsoft لكن temporarily to allow Take this step.

Windows 11 Microsoft Beta maduro

Normal path in Microsoft

As usual in this version, news will be much slower to appear and be presented to users. They will be on the Dev channel and only after they mature will they take the step towards the more stable version of this system.

This is a very important step for Windows 11 and Microsoft. In addition to making this system available to many users, it also proves that this system is stable and more mature, thus getting closer to release.

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