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Windows 11 may soon provide faster updates

Windows 11 may soon provide faster updates

Users who want to receive all Windows news on their own soon will be able to do so much faster.

In the latest version of Windows 11, within the Canary channel, a new option has been discovered that, when activated, allows users to activate a hidden option, which will make new updates available for the operating system faster.

When a new version of Windows 11 is made available in the market, it usually still needs to go through a phased distribution phase, where it is made available randomly to a small group of users – which gradually increases over the days.

This allows Microsoft to test new versions of the system for potential flaws, avoiding having to release the update to all systems at the same time. However, it also happens that for some, news can take days or weeks to arrive.

To avoid this, the new build 25314 contains a new option that, when activated, allows users to receive new updates for Windows faster. When users activate the option, the system will be deemed to receive new updates immediately, without having to wait for them to be made available gradually.

New option under Windows Settings

Although there is a risk of potential problems, at the same time this novelty can help users get new Windows updates faster than they would otherwise.

At the moment, the novelty is still “hidden” in Windows 11 flags, and users need to use the tool ViveTool to activate it through identity”43132439“.

It is important to note that this newness is only available in the latest version of Windows 11, which is on the Canary channel, and it is possible that it will undergo changes before reaching the final stable version of the system.

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