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Windows 11: Microsoft introduces a new, free redesigned operating system with Android apps

Windows 11: Microsoft introduces a new, free redesigned operating system with Android apps

to Microsoft Officially announced today The new Windows 11 operating system has been a major focus on user interface simplification, a new Windows Store and performance improvements. In other words, the new operating system has a cleaner and more modern look. It will allow Android apps to run.

One thing that stands out is the new Start button – which is now placed in the center of the screen, similar to what happens on Apple devices, to make searching easier and more efficient. In this new button, using a file Cloud And for Microsoft 365, the user will also be able to see their recent files, regardless of what platform or device they were previously viewed on, even if it is on an Android or iOS device.

This new version of Windows offers greater flexibility in viewing multiple windows and the ability to use different applications simultaneously. In a statement, Microsoft added that in the new Windows 11, “applications such as Snap Layouts, Snap Groups, and Desktops have been introduced to provide the user with a more efficient way to multitask and stay updated on what needs to be done.”

These new features also help the user to organize windows and optimize their screen, so that you can see exactly what you want, the way you want, in a clear visual layout. With the desktop option, the user can create separate spaces for each dimension of your life – work, games or school, on example – and customize it according to your personal taste, even alternating between them ”, sums up the note.


Microsoft Teams is part of today’s digital world dictionary and has been in the homes of many families since the start of the pandemic. And now, in Windows 11, it’s integrated into the taskbar and will allow the user to connect instantly – regardless of platform or device, whether through Windows, Android or iOS. The new operating system also allows you to start a presentation or mute the audio directly from the taskbar.

Android apps

Microsoft confirms that in this version of Windows it will be possible to download Android apps. In the statement, the tech confirms that from the end of this year, users will be able to go to the Microsoft Store and download them through the Amazon Appstore. “[Os utilizadores vão poder]For example, record and post a TikTok video, or use Khan Academy Kids for virtual learning directly from your computer. “

Free update

In addition to being pre-installed on new PCs going on sale later this year, Windows 11 will be available as a free update — presumably later this summer (and extending into 2022). However, to find out if your PC is eligible or not, you need to install the application computer health check To determine if your current PC meets the requirements to run Windows 11. If your PC meets the requirements, you can get the free upgrade when it becomes available.

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