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Windows 11: Microsoft may have shot the OS fatal

If there’s ever been an operating system that runs a lot of ink or, in this case, makes us work hard, it’s Windows 11. Of course, most of the time that’s for good reasons. However, in the case of Microsoft’s new operating system, it is a hybrid system. It reminds us of that comedy, are you glad you got this, this and this and that? Ah but you can’t. Microsoft is said to be following a pattern of releasing a good OS and a bad OS. Windows XP it was good Windows Vista My fault. a Windows 7 it was good Windows 8 My fault. Already Windows 10 It was good and it is still not clear what will happen with 11. Will the terrible launch cast a shadow over all that the new Windows has to offer?

Windows 11: Microsoft may have shot the OS fatal

Windows 11

In Portugal, Microsoft communicates about a practically non-existent Windows world. But in fact, it was not even necessary to leave us and many people drooling on Windows 11. After all, in a very interconnected world, we are quickly informed of everything that is happening outside. This is how we learned about the end of mosaic, the best operation in multi-screen configurations, rounded corners and many other elements found in the new operating system. It is true that in practice, Windows 11 got everything from Windows 10. In fact, what is in one is in the other. However, I managed to improve many aspects Windows 10 This is important.

Microsoft at its presentation event abroad did an excellent job with Windows 11. In fact, it showed us that it will finally be the operating system we all want. But it still gives us more. It gave us the information that those who have Windows 10 can easily move to Windows 11 without paying anything! This is assuming the requirements were the same. The problem is that no one understands the other even Microsoft I’ve already backtracked on the issue of specs.

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The confusion started right at TPM

look at me TPM With a special chip where our information is stored securely. It can be included with the processor or as a separate unit from the motherboard. But when I talk about information I am not talking about documents or files. I’m talking, for example, about the biometric authentication data and keys that some apps need to work. This system also trusts Secure Boot, which prevents malicious users from hacking into our system while booting.

Windows 11

Now Windows 11 asks that’s not necessarily bad.

After all, you are only looking for the safety of the users. The problem here was the confusion that was created. At first it was only necessary RPM 1.2. It is a system that was implemented in 2005 and is present in most PCs, then, finally, it was realized that TPM 2.0 would be necessary. This device was actually released in 2015 and there are still many PCs that don’t have it.

Now this novelty is limited to the last five years, which computers could be eligible for Windows 11. But there are still other details to cause confusion. Many manufacturers disable TPM 2.0 in BiOS. By the way, I talked about this Here When I explained how they can install Windows 11. In the end everything is solved with a unit that can be purchased separately. But then came a file Brokers complicate the case. Those that are out of stock then sell at a higher price. In any case. In any case, for those with TPM 2.0 it is not always easy to activate. All BIOS It’s BIOS and even with the help of Dr. Google, it’s not always easy.

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Windows 11

The same goes for secure boot. It is another requirement. In this case, most computers have it. However, it is not activated by default either. Once again, Dr. must. Google help us activate the BIOS.

But things are not improving at the level of the processor

If we detect in Windows 10 all files SpecifyIn Windows 11, that wasn’t quite the case. They said it would need 1GHz or higher with two or more cores and a 64-bit compatible processor. In other words, here we realized that 32-bit processors won’t work on Windows 11. That’s not something to keep you awake. After all, it had been guessed for a long time.

Windows 11

The problem came when Microsoft talked about 8th generation Intel processors or AMD Zen 2. Now the 7th generation Intel processors have arrived in 2017 and are still on the market. Is it reasonable not to include these processors? It has been said that Microsoft will review these requirements again but I honestly believe that little will change.

It can be said that Microsoft, in the case of Intel, wants Treatments The eighth generation is for security reasons, but it doesn’t seem like a very good reason.

You are Requirements After all this may not be?

Those who download Windows 11 Preview ISO and do not go for Windows updates always giving information that the new operating system is not compatible with our devices, we were able to install without problems. In fact, even if we don’t have a TPM 2.0 or a processor Intel Corporation of the eighth generation.

Windows 11

Microsoft now says this was created for people to be able to exploit the operating system. In fact, it could include 7th generation processors. But is it fair that people get used to the new operating system and when the final version appears they say thank you and bye?

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Microsoft did almost everything well in Windows 11

Sorry for the comparison but this time Microsoft managed to do what Apple has been doing for years! Learn how to sell your products. So far it has been launching and trying to please companies. This time Microsoft made the right moves, let’s get away with what it wanted to leave behind and leave us all very interested in Windows 11.

Windows 11

Now given all this work that has been done, these issues that arose then have been laid off. Confusion of requirements and the feeling that our computer that we haven’t purchased for a long time is an old one. Above all, we are in a time of crisis components. Buying a new computer is not so easy or cheap.

Did Microsoft hit the operating system with a fatal bullet?

This depends on the following steps. The most important thing I had to do was get rid of this confusion about the specs. The landing page explains all the requirements and even their reasons. In other words, the end of the surprises. This way people will know what they can count on. From now on, the excellent work that you do on the interface and even in the installation process continues, which is much easier. It’s just that if you don’t, we’ll go back to the Windows Good Windows Bad Matrix and don’t forget that Windows 10 was good.