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Windows 11: Microsoft revolutionized emojis and it's awesome!

Windows 11: Microsoft revolutionized emojis and it’s awesome!

Microsoft has introduced a set of emojis that will be available through apps Microsoft 365 and services as well as in Windows 11. In fact, it is a complete revolution with more than 1,800 private transactions handled. In fact, this is the first time Microsoft has made such an important change since 2016.

Windows 11: Microsoft revolutionized emojis and it’s awesome!

In the blog post Microsoft She revealed a few things about the design process and also about the new emojis. The main change was that all emojis now have a design. In fact, the feeling of depth is very noticeable. For many years, Microsoft has introduced a flatter design. However, this change was made so that they are better in Windows 11.

a Microsoft He said the new emojis are more attractive and that’s important, even in the workplace. If people have good emojis, they will want to use them more often. Now that emojis were created to be fun, this change has been justified for a long time.

In addition to changing existing emojis, the Microsoft It has also created new works that represent the reality of hybrid work. In the past year and a half, we’ve started with the reality of remote work and that’s exactly what Microsoft wanted to capture in emojis.

Windows 11 emojis

There is, for example, an emoji where a person wears only the top of a suit and underwear from the waist down. Something a lot of people are familiar with.

But in the new emoji, there’s a big comeback. I’m talking about my old clip. In fact, the old Windows wizard is back and it’s well represented in emojis. In other words, a nice dose of nostalgia for anyone who used Windows in the 1990s and early 2000s.

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Windows 11 emojis

However, the new emojis are already available on Flipgrid and are coming to Microsoft Teams and Windows at the end of the year as mentioned in XDA.