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Windows 11 on the way? After all, 10 is not forever

Do you still remember Windows 95, 98, Milenium, XP, Vista and 8? Well, in recent years, Microsoft’s strategy has been to offer Windows as a service, not as a single software package. This in turn makes Windows 10 the definitive operating system release for the North American giant, which carries a series of updates over the years in order to keep the software up to date and competitive.

But now, everything indicates that Microsoft wants to change the paradigm a bit! Likes? When you start Windows 11.

Windows 11 on the way? After all, 10 is not forever

If you asked us a few weeks ago, “When will Windows 11 hit the market?” Our answer will be… never! but now? Well, maybe in 2021 or 2022.

After all, Microsoft announced a Windows event on the 24th of this month, promising to reveal the future of Windows, in what could be a real revolution. After all, the invite seems to introduce a completely new logo for Windows, with two bars that look a lot like the number 11.

Incidentally, the Microsoft CEO himself said that the company was preparing one of the biggest updates ever for Windows. So this might all make sense.

Interestingly, manufacturers of off-the-shelf components and PCs will love a fresh Windows version!

After all, the launch of new Windows always means there’s a rush to the stores, as no one wants to say they’re stuck with the old version of the most famous operating system on the planet.

Well, we don’t have to wait any longer, as the event will take place later this month, on the 24th.

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Besides, what do you think of all this? Please share your opinion with us in the comments below.