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Windows 11 - Using Google Chrome will be a challenge

Windows 11 – Using Google Chrome will be a challenge

Obviously, in a perfect world, Microsoft would love users of its operating system (Windows) to be happy with the original browser (Edge). This, instead of immediately converting it to Google’s solution, the well-known Google Chrome.

However, as you know, the world is not perfect! Oftentimes, despite all of Microsoft’s efforts, Edge continues to be ignored by many users. All in order to make room for the installation of Google Chrome.

Windows 11 – Using Google Chrome will be a challenge

So the latest version of Windows 11 is not far away! So, we already have a lot of information about what will change in the transition from old Windows 10 to the new Windows 11.

However, there is one major application that Microsoft really wants users to use. Obviously, we are talking about Microsoft Edge, the browser of the North American giant responsible for the most popular Windows drivers on the planet.

Therefore, the process of switching the main browser is now a bit more complicated, in what appears to be an attempt to discourage users. In other words, we now have a few more steps, to put Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as the default browser, instead of Microsoft Edge.

After all, these days, Microsoft Edge is undoubtedly a fast and efficient browser. However, those who have always used Chrome or Firefox insist on continuing to use these browsers. So, to make this transition more difficult, and thus convince users to give Edge a chance… Microsoft decided to take a few more steps to change the main browser.

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In short, while in Windows 10 we have several categories, and we can choose the default app for each of them. In Windows 11, you’ll need to choose the browser for file types or link types! It would obviously be more complicated and more boring. What is clear is that it can motivate users to choose Edge. This, rather than having to go through the trouble of changing everything more than once.

Besides, what do you think of all this? Please share your opinion with us in the comments below.