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Windows 11 will not be installed in China and the government is responsible

Windows 11 has already been released and installed, and it has proven to be a mature and ready-to-use system for everyone. This Microsoft revolution wants to create a new interface and a complete picture of the system and its applications.

The biggest problems with Windows 11 are caused by Microsoft itself and its security requirements. If its impact is limited to a lot of machines, then in China this problem has a global dimension and the Chinese government and the restrictions imposed are to blame.

Windows 11 restrictions imposed by Microsoft

The biggest problem and limitation that is often found in Windows 11 is the mandatory presence of TPM 2.0. This is one of the two security measures Microsoft has taken from the start and is one of the most important for this system.

There are ways to get around this limitation and be able to install Windows 11. These methods do not work in all scenarios, nor are they completely reliable and secure. Microsoft itself has already revealed a method, but has warned of possible problems associated with it.

TPM in China does not exist due to the fault of the government

This scenario was the biggest problem for users and now has a bigger impact. The issue originates in China, where TPM was forbidden For more than 20 years by the country's government, as a measure to protect domestic users.

To make up for this ban, the Chinese government ended up creating an alternative, called the TCM (Trusted Cryptographic Module). This is supposed to have higher security standards, but was eventually overlooked by Microsoft in the Windows 11 specification.

Microsoft Windows 11 China TPM problem

The problem can be solved soon

With this gap, apparently intentional, all computers in Chinese territory are prevented from upgrading to the new Windows. They can do that, but they won't have updates like the rest of the planet.

Since Windows is the most used operating system in China, it is very likely that there will be a dirty solution very soon. Microsoft already began to open Some gaps in the TMP 2.0 commitment and you will probably find space here again to open Windows 11 more to users.

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