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Windows Phone will no longer be supported by Xbox

The Microsoft announced that it will end support for features X-Box on devices Windows Phone. The ad was delivered without events as a notification via the Xbox app. It’s bad news for what’s left of the dwindling Windows Phone community, and it’s yet another move by Microsoft to end support for its operating system.

Windows Phone was first released in 2010, and it was intended to be a competitor in the mobile market iOS And the Android. Windows Phone has surpassed the market share of Black Berry In 2013, surpassing BlackBerry OS 10which was new to the scene, and seemed to be a real competitor in the smartphone business at the time.


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Notably, Microsoft acquired Nokia for about $7 billion as part of its strategy. However, interest in Windows Phone waned in 2016 as iOS and Android gained more prominence. Its market share for the platform fell to 1% that year, with Microsoft ending active development for Windows Phone in 2017.

Disabling Xbox features will affect all versions of Windows Phone, including Windows 10 Mobile. disable services Xbox Live It should happen on May 16, simultaneously affecting all Windows Phone products. Games that include Xbox LIVE features will not record achievements or other progress on the player’s Xbox profiles, and features such as cloud saves will stop working.

Games that don’t rely on Xbox LIVE features (such as those that support offline saves) should continue to work, although Microsoft hasn’t guaranteed that this will be the case, only stating that “some playable still can be done.” games on your phone.”

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The news isn’t likely to surprise people familiar with Windows Phone history, as Microsoft ended support for the platform in late 2019, and delivered a final security update a year later. It can be said that Microsoft’s continued support for Xbox on Windows Phone has been generous, as the company appears to support the platform for as long as it is practical. For years, the company has focused on creating apps that integrate with Android and iOS, including recent rumors of Android app support on Xbox consoles.

These days, Windows Phone is something of a relic of 2010, reminiscent of a time when companies like Blackberry and Nokia were still very competitive in the smartphone market. However, for gamers who have enjoyed Xbox features on their Windows Phone, this announcement marks the end of an era.

Via: GameRant / Windows