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Windows Update prevents some browsers from opening

If you are still using Windows 10 and have recently installed the KB5012599 update, then it is likely that you will encounter some problems starting some browsers on the system.

Since the update was released and users started installing it, Bug reports increased In the opening of some browsers, which is Firefox, and other browsers that depend on Chromium.

The KB5012599 update for Windows 10 was released this week, with users quickly confirming that it is also causing browsers to display error 0xc0000022 during startup, preventing its use.

The error does not appear to occur in all browsers. Right now, this seems to be happening more in Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. However, on the same systems where the error occurs with these browsers, Brave, Opera and Vivaldi continue to work correctly.

Example of the error message

The exact cause of these problems is still unknown, and Microsoft has not left any comment on the issue. However, there is one thing in common about all systems with flaws: they meet ESET antivirus.

It is possible that the verification failure is caused by some incompatibility between Windows Update and ESET. This antivirus has a function to protect browsers installed on the system, allowing to open a secure copy of them for some online activities – such as payments.

The flaws appear to be related to the secure version of the browser or process selection. This may be the reason why not all users find themselves facing problems.