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With 11,000 notifications, cases in DF increased 348% in 2022

With 11,000 notifications, cases in DF increased 348% in 2022

The Federal District recorded 11,121 probable cases of dengue at nine 2022 Epidemiological Bulletin Undersecretary for Health Supervision, an agency associated with Department of Health (SES-DF). The number represents a 348.1% increase in the total probable cases, compared to the same period in 2021, when there were 2,348 records of the disease in DF.

The city of Sealandia tops the notifications rankings, with 2,113 records. Then appears São Sebastião (1009), Samambaia (772), Taguatinga (674) and Planaltina (571). These five administrative regions had 48.8% of probable dengue cases in DF.


Serious cases and deaths

Contrary to the number of potential cases, the dengue mortality rate in DF has decreased compared to 2021. There were no deaths from the disease this year – in the same period last year, there was one death from the disease. As of this epidemiological week, there are 14 serious cases and 177 with warning signs.

The age group with the highest rate of probable dengue cases, in the DF population, falls in the 60-69 age group.

See important precautions in combating dengue fever:
– Covering water tanks, basins and cans;
– Store empty bottles upside down;
– storage of tires under shelters;
– do not accumulate water in the dishes of plant pots and fill them with sand;
– Keep drains, pipes, gutters, awnings and marquees unclogged;
Keep litter boxes closed.

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