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With all due respect and no surprises, Pantera

With all due respect and no surprises, Pantera

With calm, quality and a lot of respect, Boavista Di Piti did not make the visit to the Olivierense stadium easy (1-3) It is in the next stage of the Portuguese Cup.

Without any surprises, in the 11th minute, Petit returned Thiago Moraes to the starting lineup, and Poznik, Perez and Recinio scored the visitors’ goals. As for the Oliverense team, Joao Paulo scored the only goal in the second half.

“We do not want it to be a surprise, but rather a certainty.”

As he warned in the introductory press conference, Beatty has no intention of repeating his failure (And the shock) from the past and getting into the game could not have been better.

The striker is back on the scoresheet @Boavista

After a scare from Oliverense – Zé Pedro, who was always very disrespectful, hit the post with a direct free kick and Carter, on the rebound, failed to hit the goal -, Poznik returned, a month later, to score: Thiago Moraes, with space, found the Slovakian who He shot past Macedo with his left foot.

In response, the home team tried to be more attacking, but from then on, the volatile team dominated the match and did not give any chance.

Sebastian Perez, from the middle of the street (worth watchingHe launched a missile that confirmed the volatile team’s control and superiority on the scoreboard, making the home team’s mission more complicated.

It was scary…

…but it’s not enough. Even UD Oliveirense started well – João Paulo, in the 55th minute, dampened the hopes of Oliveira de Azimes’ men – but at a dead ball, everything went back to normal.

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Raisinho, comfortable in the heart of the area, jumped higher than the entire Oliveri defense and, once again, put Boavista comfortably on the scoreboard.

Until the end, the home team was still searching for the goal – Ricardo Schuti rounded Saso but hesitated to confront Joao Gonçalves – and Petit was able to smile and breathe a sigh of relief.