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With her husband arrested and awaiting trial, Ana Lucia Matos surrenders to meditation… and changes her life – The Mag

With her husband arrested and awaiting trial, Ana Lucia Matos surrenders to meditation… and changes her life – The Mag

A year and a half after her husband. Max CardosoAfter he was arrested as part of a major case in which he was accused of money laundering, in a scheme that damaged the Portuguese state by more than 80 million euros, Ana Lucia Matos He “rolls up his sleeves” and looks to his future.

With her husband detained in a Porto prison and awaiting trial, life continues on the outside and the presenter felt the need to make a change in her life to face the difficult days and find the strength to care for the two children she shares with Max. .

Now with a more modest lifestyle than the lavish times she lived with her husband, when they lived like millionaires, between trips around the world, luxury cars and clothes from the most exclusive brands, Ana Lucia focused on meditation. And the energies even started Teaching yoga classes, twice a week, on Fonte da Telha beach, in Margem Sul, through the Aqua Fitness space.

On social media, the former broadcaster began sharing, albeit timidly, her new work, indicating that she is trying to turn things around and find solutions to raise her two young children, while ensuring that they get everything they need.

The former broadcaster spent her days between work and her children, away from the media scene, and shared with a few people what was actually happening in her life.

She was physically separated from her husband, and it is unknown whether or not the relationship was able to withstand the rigors of everything that happened. The two will soon discover what the court will dictate, as Ana Lucia has already achieved a small victory. The judge also accepted the request to separate her case from that of her husband and the other defendants. The remaining 26 are in the money laundering case, with the broadcaster to be tried separately.

This is Ana Lucia Matos's husband and this is his love story…which turned into his biggest nightmare

Remember, Ana Lucia always said that in front of the judgeHe knows where his partner's lavish life comes from, even if he doesn'tThe accusation is clear that Ana Lucia knew that Max – who was considered the leader of the group – did not have any permanent work, and therefore the significant income would have to come from other sources. “The defendant was fully aware that Max Cardoso did not undertake any remunerated activity; she was aware that the defendant did not file income declarations in any country inside or outside the European Union.”She reads the indictment.In the process, it also became clear that the luxury villa in which the couple lived with their two children on the southern bank of the Tagus River, as well as the work on the swimming pool and fireplace, had been paid for with money obtained through fraudulent schemes, for which more For four years, the presenter and former model has provided a luxurious life within the reach of few. Ana Lucia had cars and clothes like those worn by Cristiano Ronaldo, for example, and there was not a month that she did not go on a trip around the world, traveling by private plane, limousine and staying in hotels. The most exclusive resorts. All this was visible on Instagram, where he hid the identity of his partner, although he was not shy about flaunting his wealth.

The luxurious life of Ana Lucía Matos, a broadcaster who was arrested for tax evasion

He stated at the time that this was to protect him from the media, but the truth was that he wanted to avoid exposing him to the eyes of the world, so as not to draw attention to his fraudulent schemes.

She is worried about her children

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Since the case broke, Ana Lucia has become vulnerable and, above all, worried about the future of her two children, William, three years old, and Alice, five years old.

Ana Lucia Matos is breaking her silence after her husband was arrested in a million dollar scandal

The former broadcaster worked on several fronts to make ends meet, and during this period, she believed that a return to television would be possible, after being invited to participate in the program “Somos Portugal”. But the engagement was not followed through and Ana Lucia resumed her life away from the glare of television.

This return had a very special flavor. Firstly, because I am passionate about what I do, my dream has always been to become a TV presenter. I achieved this with great effort, dignity, honesty and sincerity,” he said, adding that “it was wonderful to feel the affection“From colleagues and the public.”I am a woman of faith and I believe that everything has a reason for being in life. The universe knows what it is doing“, he said after returning to television.

Despite the difficulties, those who know the former broadcaster say that she has the right attitude to face adversity.

“Anna has a difficult life story, so she was never used to lightening up. She used that fighting spirit in this new stage. Of course she has been through a lot, and the whole thing was very difficult, but now she is calm and calm.”says the source.

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