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Without the replacement hormones in the overall network, menopause care can be done normally

Without the replacement hormones in the overall network, menopause care can be done normally

The Public Health Network does not have hormonal repositories available to patients in Uberaba. That’s what gynecologist Paola Lenza says, adding that with medication unavailable, the solution is to prescribe natural options. In the specialist’s analysis, although natural medicines are slower, they also show satisfactory results.

Hormonal replacements are used to relieve the symptoms of menopause and menopause. According to the gynecologist, replacement is for those who can and who wants to, given the possibility of complications, depending on the patient’s condition.

“Because there are a lot of patients who want to use it and can’t precisely because they have a problem with the heart and blood vessels, because they smoke. In this case, obesity also increases the thromboembolic rate, so we have to avoid hormone replacement. Many patients who can, don’t.” They want it. Not all patients will have symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, irritability, and insomnia, which are the most common. But all of them will have some symptoms, which vary by more than 300,” he explains.

In an interview with Rádio JM, on Monday (27), Lenza indicated that the public network does not offer any type of hormone replacement, which are very expensive drugs. “There isn’t. I work in a core unit too and I miss it, because sometimes you’ll prescribe to a client and end up with the natural option, because they don’t have the terms of purchase and hormone replacements aren’t cheap.”

Some of the natural methods the doctor mentioned are blackberry, soybean, and cimicifuga leaf teas. “And the one thing I always say to patients is we’re going to use the lowest possible dose for the shortest time possible. They ask, ‘How long am I going to use the hormone,’ and I always answer that’s until the next consultation, when we’ll reassess,” he says.

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