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Wizard Suzette draws her magic wand in Australia: Games and help

Markle Suzita Do his thing consistently Australian Football League. The player has shown his immense quality through a solo game on the left, which goes up to three players, to finish giving a better death pass to a team player who finishes the play.

Since the goal was the only goal of his team’s competition, it was decisive Makharthur Football Club He will take the victory against himself Sydney FC. A win that raises them Second level Classification.

That too is important in the crowd Beat Etxebarría. After winning 106 successful passes and 10 possessions, the midfielder was selected as the MVP of the game.

Suchita and Benot already know what it means to score in Australia

If the goal of the former athletic club player is to sing recently Beat Etxebarria With your new ones A-League team, The Makharthur Football Club, From his good friend Sydney Markle Suzita It took a while to match him face to face with that luck. The attacker from Ebar scored the first goal of this new team in his field in the 67th minute of the game. Campbellom In front Wellington Phoenix.

Injured Iboy Gomez had to go to the Markle Succita College (photo: Lalica).

At the time he signed and delivered Club de los Antopodas featured in a statement posted on its website Suchita Played in 12 seasons Lalika Santander, Has amassed a lion in 597 matches behind him. Undoubtedly, the history of the San Moms team continues to extend its life and manage the experience of living on a much better continent.

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