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Wolves play in Champions League: A penalty R.P.  Leipzig confirms runner-up title

Wolves play in Champions League: A penalty R.P. Leipzig confirms runner-up title

Wolves play in the Champions League
Fine R.P. Leipzig confirms runner-up title

It did not work with file success. But a strong fighting performance R.P. Leipzig ensures at least second place in the Bundesliga. Opponent VFL Wolfsburg meanwhile qualify for the Champions League.

Three days after losing the Cup final, R.P. Leipzig reported again with a strong fighting performance and finished second in the Bundesliga. After a 0: 2 deficit at the break the Saxons VFL won 2: 2 (0: 2) against Wolfsburg, so they can no longer move from second place. In the end, this point was enough for Wolfsburg to qualify safely for the upcoming Champions League.

Maximilian Philip (12th minute) gave Wolfsburg the lead with a dream goal when he hit the ball in the corner from 18 meters. At stumps in the first half, Dynamo added the fifth goal of the season with a loan from Moscow. With Justin Kluwert (51st), Leipzig faced off shortly after captain Marcel Sabitzer (78th) equalized with a penalty kick.

The Cup final against Dortmund was 1: 4 compared to R.P. Coach Julian Knucklesman has moved his team to eight levels. After nearly nine months of injury, Conrad Limer had the opportunity to celebrate his starting line-up again. The VFL had to do without Josep Breccalo on short notice because the Croatian, who played brilliantly last time out, injured himself with a stab in the ankle in the final practice. Nevertheless, Wolfsburg were a very dangerous and strong team in one half. National player Riddle Bagu (6th) R.P. Keeper Peter Kulasi appeared alone in front, but the ball crossed the far post. Philip performed better when the ball slipped on the instep after his goal after a technically strong assumption.

Wrong, video evidence, penalty kick

Leipzig combined well up to the penalty area, but missed any goal risk. VFL was different: Wood Wehorst (25th) simply strayed from the edge of the penalty area, but his image crashed against the post. Then in a corner (38th) a volleyball was deflected away from the Dutchman, but the ball crossed a distance of a few centimeters. Shortly before the break, Baku danced to Willie Orban on the right, with Philip lifting his cross towards the goal.

Knucklesman responded and brought Angelino and Amado Haidara. But the connection was made by others. Sabitzer’s long ball found Cluvert, who knocked Kevin Mababu out with two hooks and hit effortlessly from close range. Wolfsburg looked tired now, and Leipzig had more in the game – but no better chances to balance.

Then Cluvert (67th) was dangerous after a long ball, but Wolfsburg goalkeeper Goen Castells kept it strong. Knoglesman picked up the pace again, bringing Hee-chan Hwang (69th) to the exhausted Cluvert. Hydra was then involved in creating the compensation. Palo Ottavio Malian cheated internationally in the penalty area, after referee Felix Squire decided to impose a fine. Captain Sabitzer was certainly replaced.

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