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En kvinne ble reddet opp fra dette gruvehullet utenfor Norberg i Sverige.

Woman found in pursuit of mines – Man’s ex-wife disappears without a trace – NRK Urix – Foreign News & Documentaries

It was Friday a little over a week ago Hikers accidentally came through the hole of the mine where a woman was lying badly injured.

After a rescue operation that lasted several hours, the extremely cold woman was pulled from a mine well in a forest in Nuremberg, Sweden.

A drop of 25 meters should actually be impossible. It is said that the woman was saved from the fact that there was some snow at the bottom of the mine.

Sunday was one A man arrested in the case. He is now under arrest on suspicion of rape and attempted murder.

He denies having anything to do with this.

There was no information on the identity of this woman.

They know each other, that’s the only thing I can say, says defense attorney Maria Wilhelmson SVT.

according to Swedish Aftonbladet The man should have reconciled with the woman, but he does not accept.

The woman was saved here: The video was filmed by the Swedish Air Rescue Center. They say it was a difficult rescue.

Request a restraining order

Now SVT Nyheter can learn more about the man’s background, including the mysterious disappearance two years ago.

At the end of 2015, the now detained man with his wife and three children came to Sweden from Afghanistan. They all applied for asylum, but were refused.

They were never returned and the family remained in Sweden.

In a conversation with immigration authorities in 2018, the wife stated that she feared her husband, and that she would no longer live with him.

In February 2019, she and two of the children applied for a restraining order, but the application was denied on the grounds that the man had never been charged with any crime against his relatives, SVT writes.

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wife disappeared

One year later, in February 2020, the children’s mother disappeared without a trace.

The children are said to have reported their disappearance to the police, according to information to the SVT.

They wrote that the police conducted several investigations, but the woman was not found.

In a police interrogation in 2021, in connection with the illegal driving case, he stated that he did not know the whereabouts of the children’s mother.

He said in the same interrogation that she left him two years ago, or that she was “placed elsewhere.”

It is unclear what lies in this.

Arrest in the asylum reception center

The man was arrested at the refugee reception center on Sunday.

There, the man was said to have told that he had problems with his ex-wife, and that he and the children had moved away from her.

It is not said that any of the neighbors saw the man with any other woman.