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SBPC holds elections amid paradoxical scenario for science in epidemic - 06/20/2021 - Science

Women scientists occupy only 2% of leadership positions in Brazil, according to a study – 08/20/2021 – Mônica Bergamo

A survey conducted by the British Council, a UK non-profit organisation, revealed that women hold only 2% of political leadership positions in science and technology in Brazil, despite being the majority among undergraduate and doctoral students. The study, based on data from CNPq and Inep, still shows that they account for 51% of the authors of scientific publications.

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The entity also specified that white women represent 59% of all scholarship recipients, while black women make up only 26.8% of the total. The full survey will be released on Monday (23), during the Gender Summit event, held by the British Council, CNPq and Portia.

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With Bruno b. Swagi, Bianca Vieira NS Victoria Azevedo

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