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Women sue Qatar after experiencing horror – VG

I was violated: a group of women who were due to fly from Doha with Qatar Airways, to a gynecological examination at the airport.

A group of women are demanding compensation from the Qatari authorities after undergoing a highly invasive medical examination at Doha airport.


The incident occurred in October last year, when a number of women who were due to leave Doha Airport were assigned to undergo a gynecological examination. The background was that an abandoned newborn was found at the airport, and that the baby’s mother was being sought.

Thirteen Australian women were among those investigated, and seven are now suing Qatar for damages.

They want to send a clear message to Qatar that women cannot be treated this way, says Damien Storzacker of Marque Lawyers in Sydney.

– These women were seriously assaulted that night, and they continue to suffer from trauma and illnesses as a result of what happened, he said.

Requires compensation

The Australians are demanding an official apology and compensation from Qatar, as well as an assurance that nothing similar will happen again at Doha airport.

Qatar is a country with a very conservative Islamic monarchy, and birth outside marriage can be punished with imprisonment.

The country will host the World Cup next year and is already in a difficult position as a result of accusations of human rights abuses, including the treatment of guest workers who build stadium facilities for use in the World Cup.

The Prime Minister apologizes

The Qatari Prime Minister apologized for the treatment received by the two women, and the police officer who took the decision to investigate the two women was dismissed.

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The Australian woman, on the other hand, received no personal apology, and attempts at mediation were unsuccessful, according to Storzacker. That’s why they’re suing now, he said.

“Although Doha Airport and the national airline appear to be recent, travelers should be aware that such things happened there, and that there is no guarantee that they will not happen again,” says Storzacker.

Neither Qatar’s embassy in Canberra nor Qatar Airways responded to AFP’s inquiries in the case.