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Women's Football: Benfica wins the Portuguese Cup

Women's Football: Benfica wins the Portuguese Cup

Devoting an idyllic season. On Sunday afternoon, Benfica won the Portuguese Cup, securing the title. In Jamor, against Racing Power (4-1), the Eagles won the Queen's Test for the second time. Debuted in 2019.

In front of more than 18,000 fans – a record number for a final – Joao Márquez's side began to take the offensive initiative. As such, Jennifer Vetter has unique opportunities. In the sixth minute, the striker was unable to take advantage of a “show” from Ochebe, who was erratic inside the penalty area. However, in front of goal, Pauwels stopped Vetter, whose ball deflected over the crossbar.

Shortly afterwards, at 14 metres, the Benfica goalkeeper could do nothing to counter Vetter's new shot. However, in the heart of the area, the American shot slightly wide of the right post.

And since there are no two without three, Vanessa Marquez increased Racing Power's threat, this time after a corner kick. But the header was blocked by Pauwels.

In response, Benfica opened the scoring from 25 metres. At the first opportunity, Aledo stirred up the party at the National Stadium. In a violent counterattack, Kika Nazareth released Andreia Faria down the right flank. In the region, in front of Behenna, he found the Portuguese international Alido in the heart of the region.

Before the final, the Eagles tried to control their tempo until the end of the first half. However, Racing found room to respond. And so, at 41 metres, after another corner, Gerda Kunst headed to restore par.

At the break, there were expectations to see if Racing Power would maintain their defensive cohesion and fluidity up front. At the same time, Benfica fans expected a rejuvenated team, determined to neutralize their opponents. Especially since the last day of the league was worth fearing.

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Check out the story of this finale here.

The second part is separate

The sequel was different in every way from the movie I watched until intermission. The intensity of the race was gone, while the national champions “stopped” near the Behenna area.

Just before the hour mark, Carol Costa awarded a penalty kick for Benfica. In a moment of 'Deja vu', the Portugal international once again donned the mantle of champion, just as she had done a week ago, when she scored twice to secure the league win.

The slogan was to determine the final. Nine minutes later, Lucia Alves expressed her gratitude for the assist provided by Kika Nazareth to make it 3-1. During the celebrations, he pointed to the sky, dedicated the goal to his grandmother, and let the tears flow. It was the key moment of this afternoon.

As Racing Power never met again, Filipa Patão's men took the opportunity to launch several counter-attacks. In the 90+5m, Kika Nazareth entered her name among the scorers. Always important in attacking transition, the midfielder received a pass from youngster Lara Martins and finished the countdown (4-1).

Benfica achieves a historic achievement

On the afternoon, when Filipa Patau, 35, won his first Portuguese Cup as coach, Benfica closed a new historical chapter. After winning the League, League Cup and Super Cup, the Eagles confirmed the title, an unprecedented achievement. A new level in national football.

Furthermore, the champions have reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League four times. They were eliminated from the competition by Lyon, who will play in the final next weekend against Barcelona. It is important to remember that in the group stage, the Eagles tied against the Catalan team (4-4).

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Benfica continues to set the tone for the future of women's football in Portugal.