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Words of Robin Amorim and Hugo Viana, who was expelled from Sporting Famalicao - Sporting

Words of Robin Amorim and Hugo Viana, who was expelled from Sporting Famalicao – Sporting

The last moments of Sporting Famalicao were hot and reflected the criticisms of the Lions and Robin Amorim players for the referee of Rui Costa, which pushed the coach to the red card, according to Leoninus, the official, through the reference of Nuno Manso’s assistant. .

to what Record He found, in his report, that a judge of AF Porto accused the 36-year-old coach of making “derogatory words directed at the refereeing team, after he said:” Go to … Wanted, “which will be confirmed by the penalty map issued by the Disciplinary Board (CD ) Of the Portuguese Football Association (FPF), who will have at hand the penalty decision to apply for Amorim, which can range from a fine for suspension.This was, remember, the fourth coach was fired this season.

Hugo Viana was also expelled

However, the extension of the Sporting disciplinary newspaper did not stop there, given that according to the league match sheet, Hugo Viana also received an expulsion order. The black sporting director was targeted by the referee of AF Porto after the end of the match and again for “insulting words, after he addressed the fourth referee saying: ‘It is a shame, you really are a disgrace, ashamed of the man.’ ‘

However, the expulsion order was only issued outside the stadium, due to an incident “from the stairs providing access to the tunnel leading to the stadium to the referee’s locker room.” “He addressed assistant referee No. 1, with his index finger raised, pointed to his face, shouting in a frightening tone: Tell me why you fired the coach, tell me, tell me. Kick me, fire me.”

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