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Workers' salaries will rise by 1.6% in addition to eight euros

Workers' salaries will rise by 1.6% in addition to eight euros

The salary update results from negotiations between the company and the union. The latter indicates that the result is insufficient, but emphasizes the acceptance of the terms given the context of the company that is in the process of being sold.

Altice workers in Portugal will be paid 1.6% plus eight euros, with the minimum salary updated to 40 euros, following negotiations between the company and STPT (the Altice Group workers' union). At its origin was the fear that “the company might be sold at any time.”

“Exceptionally, given the urgent need to minimize the impact of a possible sale of the company at any time, and given that the Executive Committee proposal as a whole reduces the impact of the loss of purchasing power and sets out important obligations, the management has decided to reach a solution agreement and subscribe to the final results reached in the negotiations with The company,” the union reveals in a statement.

In a statement sent to newsrooms, the Altice Portugal group's trade union explained that the proposal it had submitted had not been accepted. It can be said that the proposal “was innovative” and was based on multi-year salary increases in line with the development of inflation and sharing part of the growth in operational results generated by Altice Portugal with the workers.

STPT wrote that “COMEX [Comissão Executiva da Altice Portugal] “I did not understand, again, the appropriateness of starting negotiations in the current framework with the assumptions proposed by the CPT,” but he agreed to include in the protocol “a commitment by the Executive Committee to start negotiations on this issue.”

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The union body chose to “participate in the final results reached in the negotiations with the company,” but stressed that this was an exceptional situation, given the current urgency, given that the future sale of the company seemed imminent.

“In the current circumstances where the sale of Altice Portugal is an imminent situation with unpredictable consequences and there is no loss of rights and benefits for employees in the results obtained, delaying the negotiations the results of which will not develop on the part of the company or the possibility of their cancellation if The sale has taken place in the meantime, as all negotiated issues could come into question.

The union considered that “the failure to sign by the unions would lead to unilateral management of the COMEX stock exchange, the results of which would be unpredictable for the workers.”