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Workshop for the PhD Program in Zoology at ICBAS

Workshop for the PhD Program in Zoology at ICBAS

The agricultural cooperative receives Villa do Conde the next day October 13, 2023or The tenth workshop of the doctoral program in zoology to Abel Salazar Institute of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Porto (ICBAS).

This workshop aims to publish the latest research results conducted by students from Doctoral program in zoologyunder the supervision of researchers associated with research institutions, including several associated laboratories of recognized national and international merit, in various specialties in zoology.

The workshop will cover topics related to new trends in animal nutrition, such as the use of functional diets to enhance growth and resistance to disease or environmental stress conditions, and there will also be a roundtable to discuss the links between academia and industry.

There will also be two special lectures, with Johan Schramma from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, who will discuss the principles of formulating diets for animals based on liquid energy, and with Carlos Soares, a professor at the College of Engineering in the United States. Porto (FEUP), which will address the importance of artificial intelligence in the scientific world and in companies.

“Taking knowledge and innovation beyond the academy”

The SANFEED (Sustainable Animal Nutrition and Feed) programme, coordinated by ICBAS, is an offshoot of the PhD program in Animal Science in an Industrial Environment, funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).

SANFEED has created a unique collaboration between three exceptionally strong R&D institutions of international distinction, at the University of Porto (ICBAS, CIIMAR, REQUIMTE) and also ten industrial partners with strong R&D activity (AGROS, ALGAPLUS, ALLMICROALGAE, ALLTECHADITIVOS, CAVC, ADM PORTUGAL SA) PREMIX, SEA8, SENSE TEST, SOJA DE PORTUGAL and SPAROS).

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For Luisa Valiente, professor at ICBAS and director of SANFEED, this workshop, open to the entire community, “will allow a strong convergence between students and the non-academic world and constitute a unique opportunity to promote the transfer of knowledge and innovation beyond education.” academy. It will also provide a unique moment of interaction between students, guidance teams, technical staff and companies in the sector.

At the end of the event, a prize will be awarded for the best oral presentation and the best poster presentation, with the session concluded by ICBAS Director, Henrique Cerny Carvalho.

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