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Workshop on the use of data science and artificial intelligence by courts of auditors, within the third CITC programme, in Fortaleza

Workshop on the use of data science and artificial intelligence by courts of auditors, within the third CITC programme, in Fortaleza

Workshop “Data Science and Artificial Intelligence: How are accounting courts experiencing this revolution?” It is part of the program of the Third International Conference of Courts of Audit (III CITC), and will be held on the 29th, at 8 a.m., in Room 4 of the Ceara Event Center, in Fortaleza. The activity focuses on identifying the shortcomings of the Audit Bureau in the field of data science and the use of artificial intelligence, but will also seek to find solutions.

The workshop is expected to last four hours, and will be moderated by Counselor Carlos da Costa Pinto Neves Filho (TCE-PE). The lecturers in this activity will be the advisor to the Spanish Court of Accounts, Maria Dolores Genaro Moya; Engineer and Master of Computer Science, João Paulo Magalhaes; TCE-SP IT Director, Fabio Correa Xavier; and Professor Jorge Augusto Valencia Santos, Coordinator of the Technical Cooperation Agreement in the field of Innovation between the Court of Accounts of the State of Pernambuco (TCE-PE) and the Federal Rural University of Pernambuco (UFRPE).

With the first part devoted to presentations by participants, the activity provides great interaction with the audience. During the second moment, the dynamics focused on the adoption of data science and AI by TCs will identify challenges, opportunities, and solutions that can be implemented in the courts.

Key audience requirements and expectations will be collected using Design Thinking techniques and tools such as Mentimeter and Google Forms. After compiling these answers, the workshop will seek to collectively build guidelines and/or recommendations that will be the basis for formulating AI policies to be adopted by the relevant institutions.

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To participate in workshops during CITC III, confirmed conference registrants must register for the requested activity in their restricted area. Places are limited.


The third CITC will be held between November 28 and December 1, at the Ceara Event Centre, in Fortaleza. The program is available on the website and will include lectures, technical meetings, meetings and other activities such as workshops and training. Other information can be accessed on the CITC III hotspot.

III CITC is promoted by the Association of Members of Courts of Audit (Atricon) in collaboration with the Instituto Ruy Barbosa (IRB), the Court of Auditors of the State of Ceara, the Brazilian Association of Courts of Municipal Audit (Abracom), and the National Audit Authority of the State of Ceara. The Association of Ministers and Sub-Counsels of the Audit Tribunals (Audicon) and the National Council of Presidents of the Audit Tribunals (CNPTC), as well as the support of other partners.