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Workshops and lectures at the 7th Science and Technology Fair address the relationship between science communication and medical practices

Workshops and lectures at the 7th Science and Technology Fair address the relationship between science communication and medical practices

Academics participate in a workshop on writing and practicing scientific research (Photo: Nonato Silva/DICOM)

The schedule of the 7th Science and Technology Fair at the Universidade de Tocantins (Unitins) Câmpus Araguatins and Augustinópolis continued on Monday afternoon, 30, with five simultaneous workshops. Activities took place in several rooms on the Augustinopolis campus.

The first workshop entitled “Abstract, Complete Work and Scientific Essay: From Writing to Presentation” started at 1pm and was taught by Unitins professor and nurse Janina Araujo Viana. During the workshop, the teacher discussed different types of applications and writing in scientific research. The students also carried out a practical activity, analyzing the text provided by the teacher to identify errors and successes, according to the content presented during the afternoon. The workshop was mediated by Unitins professor and nurse Ana María Costa Teixeira.

Academic Deborah Cristina Martinez, 8th Period Nursing, stated, “The workshop was very useful, providing great teaching in a clear way, which improved our understanding.”

Lecture on persuasion practices during jury trial

The expert in criminal law and Public Prosecutor of the State of Para, Helder Lima Teixeira, participated in the lecture “Persuasion before the Jury.” He discussed the details of the proceedings before a jury, and legal scholars listened intently to his explanations.

For students interested in learning more about behavior, a “Non-Violent Communication” lecture by psychologist and Nape Unitins nursing course teacher, Arian Carvalho de Nascimento, looked at the best forms of communication. According to the speaker, “Nonviolent communication is based on human feelings and needs.” She stressed the importance of commitment, avoiding judgment, validating people’s feelings, and creating a space of acceptance and understanding.

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Lecture on nonviolent communication

The workshop “Supercharge your personal and academic journey with GPT Chat and AI”, held via Meet, discussed the responsible use of AI and highlighted the uses of AI in academic research and business, such as assisting customers, creating content for social networks, and automating routine tasks. The workshop was moderated by professor and business administration specialist Camila Soares Alves, and moderated by teacher Antonia Alice Silva Moreira.

A lecture on the uses of artificial intelligence in business and scientific research (screenshot)

Furthermore, nursing and medical students participated in the “Practice Electrocardiography” workshop held at the Health Sciences Complex (CCS) and taught by Unitins Medicine Course Coordinator and Dr. Helen Diani Ferreira. She stressed the importance of the exam and the need to prepare students to take it correctly. “This is a basic test that is accessible in emergency rooms,” he stressed. “We need our students to be prepared to take it, because a poor test may lead to inadequate diagnoses and treatments.”

Fourth Period Nursing student Ana Luisa praised the class, highlighting its dynamics and inclusion of practice, which helps stick the content in students’ minds. She stressed the importance of knowing the ECG for nurses, who often need to act quickly in emergency situations, which contributes to more effective patient care.

Medical practices are covered in workshops offered to medical and nursing students